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9 Comments on NCISLA “Expiration Date” (S6E16) – Promo Clip

  1. I had to replay this promo over and over, just like I did in December for the Humbug one…
    This long wait for Expiration date is driving me crazy! The authors have been teasing and teasing about it for many weeks now and I’m getting nervous!
    To be honest, I expected a domestic Densi scene and I said it, if you remember, in the Black wind review some days ago:

    “As far as we know, this quarrel may be for different kinds of reasons, I mean, it can be over silly things or over important professional issues and choices. I have my theory, but it’s probably too optimistic: we will be shown some domestic Densi (remember the tease “Densi as we have never seen them”?) arguing about domestic things. And my theory goes deeper: they are still quarrelling on the side of the bed!!!!! Whose side are you on? ;-)”

    Well, after watching the promo, probably they are not arguing about the side of the bed anymore, she seems to get up from her beloved right side! So what could the reason be?
    What I didn’t like in this preview (apart from Deeks’ shirt which seems horrible…) is Kensi’s facial expression: it’s the very same annoyed expression she’s had more or less in all Kalstein’s episodes. This is what scares me most about this episode: Kalstein’s portray of an unrealistic Kensi who shifts from being bold and “All in” and always smiling (in other writers’ episodes) to an irritated one doesn’t make sense anymore to me. I don’t like when the writers mess up with us so much.
    Anyway, let’s keep faith and wait patiently until Monday night crossing all the fingers we have!


  2. Saw the promo at tumblr firts. I had to laugh at this one comment about how the Sam fandom is raging because it seems that he really gets killed this time, and everyone else is talking about Densi in bed. But as hard as it sounds I didn’t even noticed the thing with Sam, just watched the Densi scene over and over again.

    So it seems that we are finally getting some real Densi scenes this time. But Cladani is right, Kensi seems really annoyed which is never a good sign.

    Dont’t know what to think of it yet the promo is just too short. At least they seem to wake up together so I guess it’s better than nothing at the moment. Just hope they sort this fight out until the end of the episode….I’m just so exited and can’t wait until the next episode, hope we don’t get disappointed.


  3. Its such a short clip and really people, Sam dies? We know this is just like all the poisonings Callen has had — way too many to count. Anyway back to the important issue. I was disappointed with this clip due to Kensi’s reaction. When she says “definitely moving too fast” my first impression is that he slept over. Which according to some writers on this show — knowing, caring and probably loving someone for 6 years and having not go home at night is “moving too fast” for her. Although she did state strongly she wanted to be bold with him. I love FanFic more than the show actually. Truthfully I’m over this Densi deal.
    I am very happy that Thapa is back; I love the Ghurka! He’s awesome!


  4. My opinion is just because they are “bold” & “all in” doesn’t mean they will never get annoyed or angry with eachother or have moments of doubt. I mean all “real” couples have disputes if you think other wise you’re naive. Now as much I want to see Densi resolve their fight I’m more worried about Sam.


    • I’m not worried about Sam at all, he’s a superhero, he can’t die!! But I do hope there could be some moving scenes about him being shot that I would really like. Sometimes the reason why I’m bored with Sallen-centred episodes is not because I don’t like their characters, but because I don’t like how superficial some stories about them are told, even the ones that might have the most emotional potential. Too often this potential seems to get lost with Callen and Sam, especially this season. Over the past episodes I haven’t been moved by their adventures/misadventures as it happened, just to quote two examples, when Callen shot Janvier or when Sam was tortured with Deeks. I know I am referring to two breath-taking season finales, but, anyway, recent episodes have lacked that same spark.
      Let’s hope this Monday one will give us something we have lost for quite some time now.


    • Like Cladani said…Im not at all worried about Super Sam …he will be fine by the end of the episode…and back to cracking jokes with his fellow super pal G….mere TV minutes after the smoke from the bad guys gun who shot him…fades away!

      Because the show treats Sam & G….as virtualy indestructible…both physically and emotionally…almost to a cartoonish in this season……’s pretty well impossible for people like me who prefer Deeks & Kensi over feel emotionally invested in their characters and have any concern for thier fate.

      G was a far more interesting character in past seasons…..than the writers have shown us this season..and so is Sam…but their back stories..have been put aside this focus on them escaping from one close call after another..such as Sam being shot this episode.

      Chris O a really terrific actor..and his heartfelt & emotional scenes with Hetty..are always powerful & poignant…..but how many of those have we gotten to see in S6?

      The writers need to stop already with their…”Lets just put a blind fold on..and spin the big o wheel of terror..and see what dicey predicament we can pit Sam & G in this week!”..and concentrate more..on thier personalities & back stories..of ALL of the characters on the show.

      Flesh them out…so their not seen as mere cartoons …but actually made out of flesh & blood and get back to what made the characters and the show….fun & intresting to watch. in the first place!



  5. While I agree that I don’t really like annoyed-at-Deeks Kensi, I prefer an annoyed, “definitely moving too fast” to a scared/distressed/panicked one. It makes me think that the fight may be about some random annoyance vs a more relationship-threatening one. So I’ll take it. At least until Monday when we find out what really happens. I’m still not sure I trust Kalstein to not screw with them. If this fight bridges two eps (I think the next new one after this is the one that someone tweeted, “what has Deeks done?!”), I’ll be so angry. Though Andrew Bartelsand wrote that next ep and he wrote Humbug so I have more faith in him.

    Also, the Densi scene almost looks flashback-ish. So maybe we see the fight in hindsight? Not that it really matters.


    • I think just because Deeks gets fired from NCIS it doesn’t necessarily mean “Densi” breaks up. But we’ll wait and see. I can’t wait for the upcoming episodes, very intriguing.


      • Oh I agree with you, I don’t think at all that whatever sends Deeks back to LAPD means they break up, but I just hope the fight is resolved on Monday and not dragged out to the ep where he’s gone. I didn’t mean to imply that their fight is why he goes back!


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