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NCISLA Sneak Peek: Deeks and Kensi Are Mistaken for [Spoiler]


Husband and wife? Pfft, that’d be too predictable. Instead, Kensi and Deeks are assumed by a stranger to occupy “colorful” professions, as revealed in this sneak peek from CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles.

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In the first episode of May sweeps, titled “Field of Fire” and airing Monday at 10/9c, the team searches for a former, highly unstable Marine and expert sniper who has escaped a veterans hospital, after they discover his connection to the leader of an extremist group.

In the clip above — and on the lighter side, to be sure! — Deeks and Kensi go to question a real character and fast-talker who barely lets them get a word in edgewise as he makes assumptions about who they are. Press play to see how Kensi tries (and fails) to take…

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