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Gayle is a WikiDeeks writer and has the challenging task of penning the "Surf Log" each week. Known as "DensiLand" on Twitter, Instagram, & Tumblr, Gayle obviously "ships" Densi and has sincere love for the entire cast (& crew) of characters.

9 Comments on Deeks’ Surf Log – 09/28/2015

  1. Oh my goodness! Perfect post! Exactly how I feel after a couple days of admiring Kensi’s restraint. It’s because Kensi trusts Deeks with her heart. Awesome post!


  2. This entry is so beautiful and I enjoyed reading it very much. I found it so in character.

    ” It’s Kensi who deserves a huge prize for today”. I couldn’t agree more.


  3. Brenda (@bpnp) // September 30, 2015 at 11:14 AM // Reply

    Love it Gayle!!


  4. So enjoyed Kensi’s confidence and trust in Deeks! Great review and great episode!


  5. Loved the discussion about trust. It was on vivid display in this ep in the confident way Kensi dealt with Talia.


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