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6 Comments on Kensi’s Journal – 09/28/15

  1. Perfect😄 Love her comment “my Deeks wasn’t interested…” Hooray for the trust she has in Deeks but also as pointed out by Gayle in Deeks’ Surf Log, each other’s trust in “Densi”. Great way to start a Friday 😄


  2. “Her lasagna was delicious and we hit it off pretty well. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to learn how to cook at least one meal…”

    I was sure Kensi would be won over by Mama Deeks lasagna! As Deeks would say “That’s my girl!”.

    I don’t even want to comment Talia’s behavior, but I’m so proud of Kensi because she managed to take the high road. That proves her trust in Deeks. Well done, Kensi!


  3. Great journal entry; thank you! Short, sweet and to the point. It was great to read her express her growth within herself and her acknowledgement of Sam’s input — so sweet. Nice not to dwell on Talia; I’m so over that!


  4. I think Talia is too overconfident and it comes off as snobbish and selfish. Maybe we won’t see her again for awhile.



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