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5 Comments on Deeks’ Surf Log – 10/05/2015

  1. Thank you for the Surf Log; always enjoy reading it and, also look forward to reading it each week. However, the change made, handwritten, is a bit small and difficult to read. I couldn’t read it on my laptop; had to pull it up on my desktop and even that was a challenge.
    Otherwise; great job and please know how much I truly appreciate the time and effort put into this site. Thank you!!!


  2. Okay I was just schooled on how to read the journal. I didn’t click on the actual page — my bad!! I’m sorry for the confusion but maybe this will help someone else; who tried what I did.

    Again, thank you for your effort and time to put this together for the fans; its very much appreciated and again, I’m sorry — my bad!!!


  3. You do look damn fine in a suit Deeks. Both funny (future POTUS) and philosophical. Nice!


  4. Introspective Deeks..Very nice, I like! And yes, indeed, Deeks, you look damn fine in a suit!


  5. I really liked this entry, especially where Deeks is so sure Kensi likes to comb his hair with her fingers. We have figured this scene so many times in our mind that it seems so real even if we have never seen it!


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