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4 Comments on Kensi’s Journal – 11/09/15

  1. Great journal entry as always! I look forward to the Surf Log and Journal entry weekly and you never disappoint! Ever! Thank you for doing this for us fans; its very much appreciated! 🙂


  2. Even if Kensi was going to blow her cover, the scene in which she freaks out because Deeks gets almost drowned was one of my favorite this week (together with the yoga opening scene and the boatshed ending) because I can’t get enough of protective Kensi.
    Thanks for this entry.


  3. Awesome entry. Love the concern she has for Deeks. And good to see that she’s thinking of the op while reacting as Deeks’s person and not jeopardizing the op. Her reaction was quick when they asked if she knew him? And yoga moves…..that sets off the daydreaming😄 Great entry😄


  4. Nice! But now you have planted a horrible image in my head of Hetty watching them in their own home, LOL!


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