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2 Comments on Kensi’s Journal – 01/18/16

  1. Kensi’s words “It was the ones that had careers and brains that kept me awake at night” scream Talia, don’t they? I agree Kensi may have seen Talia as a threat at the time she came back from Afghanistan because that woman was so different from the random bimbos Deeks could have been used to going out with, but now she must know that she has nothing to fear, not even from the obnoxious DEA agent.
    I like how your entry ends with a hint to the upcoming episode where Deeks and Kensi are moving in together. And Kensi’s right: not remembering where you have to go to at the end of the day must be really stressful! Time to solve the problem.


  2. Great entry. Love the reference to Deeks’s reaction about her math skills. Hard for her not to notice the encouragement and gravelly, turned on tone in his voice when she was calculating. Loved that scene.


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