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3 Comments on NCISLA “Come Back” (S7E14) – Sneak Peek 1

  1. I am very nervous about this episode. If they mess with Densi I think you will hear me scream from Australia!!! We have waited years for Deeks & Kensi to be together so if they derail them again it will be heartbreaking.


  2. I sure hope this is a closure episode. We all knew Jack was still out there. From the promo clip, I’m excited to see and hear jack and Kensi’s talk. Although I’m a bit nervous…they’re starting the episode with the big announcement of moving in together….kinda like when Densi finallly hooked up and then Kensi got sent to Afghanistan. Please ptb, no derailing of Densi.
    And the look on Deeks’s face when Jack showed up and he turned to see Kensi’s reaction….yikes


  3. I had hoped in a more enthusiastic reaction from Sam and Callen whenever Deeks and Kensi would announce they were moving in together. Come on, Deeks and Kensi are their team, part of their family, and Sam and Callen seemed to have accepted their relationship quite smoothly even with some perplexities (“Fighting shadows”). Here they seemed cold, quite uninterested in this big, huge step, especially for Kensi. If I were the writers, I would “punish” the two making them help moving all Kensi’s boxes from her house…


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