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4 Comments on Kensi’s Journal – 11/06/16

  1. OK, Karen….
    You get 5 stars because this is just so well done….certainly not because I am happy about it.
    Kensi needs to hit bottom before she realizes that in spite of her pushing away, that Deeks (and the others) are still there for her, encouraging her to fight, At some point she WILL fight , not just working hard in therapy sessions, but fighting to maintain a good attitude, emotional ballance, her relationship with Deeks, her friendships with the team and others….just everything…fighting for normal, whatever that may be. She will get there, but has to hit bottom first…Hopefully his is what bottom looks like.
    thank you so much.


  2. At some point, she will realize that deeks is still there…..faithfully standing by her side. Ready to fight for her and with her against anything that comes her way.
    All she has to do is let him, and eventually she will.


  3. This is so beautiful, Karen, I’m not ashamed to say I had tears in my eyes by the end of the page, even if I hope Kensi’s reaction to her (temporary?) paralysis won’t be so extreme as to wish Deeks would leave her and move on. The writers can’t do this to us (and them), can they? I want to have faith and hope Kensi will soon realize that they both need each other in their lives.


  4. Wow, kudos on going so dark. Nice job!


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