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Drabble of the Week: Maybe Tomorrow


“So she-“


“With someone our age?”

Guy, or Gee, guess we know two of those now.”

Nodding slowly, Kensi arched back against the couch, pulling her toes further under her thighs, lower lip curled. “Guess that confirms that her invite to the wedding has to be plus one.”


“What?” Leaning forward slightly, only the glint in her eyes, darker than usual in the dim lighting, gave away her true intentions. “We should share the moment with someone that special to your mom.”

“They’re friends,” his eyes flickered shut, visibly shuddering at the memories.

“And you’re just a man I gave a flashbang pin to.”

His gaze sliding down to the ring that had marked her finger for weeks, since he insisted on giving his own proposal, down on one knee of course, stealing each other’s thunder; he cocked his head. “Okay, baby.”

Holding back an eye roll and a laugh, she slid across the cushions, wrapping her arms around one of his and tilting her forehead to his bicep, breathing in the freshly showered scent of him for just a moment.

“How was seeing Bates today?”

Feeling both his shaky inhalation and the rock of his head leaning back against the cushions, she tightened her hold around him, pressing one kiss through the fabric of his shirt, anything to still that storm that Whiting created, that today brought closer.

“Not too good, he- he wasn’t too thrilled about my return.”

“Neither was I.”

His lips met her hairline, a small thanks for her words before he arched back again, tension tangible.  “Whiting would be thrilled if I was sent back permanently, more time for her mission.”

“Maybe it’s a witch hunt.”

“I don’t know, he was… he wasn’t himself today, Kens.”

Loosening her embrace, she sat up slightly, brow tight. “Is there a leak?”

“Probably, be my luck, but not now okay?”

Understanding his words, the pleading in his tone, tired, aching for something other than this, Kensi slid back downwards, using his bicep as a pillow.

They’d discussed it a thousand times since that first night, searched for an answer until they cried and once more wouldn’t solve this puzzle.

“Lets just be partners again tomorrow.”

Nodding and kissing his arm once more, she passed him the same smile she did in the bullpen after Callen’s news. “I did sorta miss you today.”

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8 Comments on Drabble of the Week: Maybe Tomorrow

  1. Great scene between Deeks and Kensi, I have read it as the very natural conclusion to their quite tough day spent juggling everything, a separation (in the field), new bosses, old bosses, trainers, mamas, missiles and some wedding plans. Thanks for your story.


  2. Really enjoyed reading this. It felt natural and real, like a perfect continuation to the tensions of the day and transition to the uncertainty of their future.


  3. Really good. You captured well what I would imagine the tone of that evening would have been.


  4. Welcome back to the Drabble!


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