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Drabble of the Week: Sunshine in the Moonlight


“Matching sunglasses, matching workout gear,” pausing and swinging their joined hands slightly, fingers likely still smelling like shrimp and Cajun seasoning from the tacos just consumed, Kensi glanced upward, flash of teeth from her smile bright in the moonlight. “Should I be concerned about what else you have in store?”

“Not until Halloween.”


“Shhh,” lifting his free hand to her face to brush a single strand of hair from her eyes, wind coming from the ocean just beside them determined to pull every one free, he tilted his head lightly, seemingly inspecting her expression. “It’s all still in the works.”

“Maybe you should leave it there,” her own head cocked to accept his kiss to her temple, tone lacking any bite that her words held.

“I promise you’ll love it,” he persisted, sentence ending in a snicker as he sunk down into the sand, tugging her down beside him through linked fingers. “It is a candy filled holiday after all.”

“Maybe we should get away instead.”

“Halloween isn’t really the sort of holiday you leave town for, Kens.”

“Like you care.” Pinching his ribs lightly through the thick hoodie he’d donned before leaving the car, she settled into his side, soaking up the warmth despite the lack of a chill in the air. “We still have vacation time saved up, and it’ll keep you from giving away all my candy.”

“Well I don’t actually buy that candy for you-“

Pulling back slightly, expression filled with the threat of another pinch, somehow, some way, she chose to ignore those words. “We never did take that train up the coast.”

Another kiss falling on her temple, he straightened, an arm wrapping around her waist. “Anything for my ladybird.”

“You better not have bird costumes planned.”


“Or Pirates, the things you’d say about the fake sword scare me.”

Huffing a defeated breath, he nodded. “Not this year.”

“But Deeks, I wouldn’t mind having matching rings soon.”

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