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Drabble of the Week: Resolution


“When are you gonna resign from the LAPD so I can count on having my partner around for every case again?” Hand wrapped around the steering wheel of the car parked in their driveway, she tilted her body sideways in the driver’s seat, viewing him and the sausage and mushroom pizza on his lap fully, the quick question that fell from her lips both serious and silly.

“Not a fan of the lady bonding when I’m gone?”

Shrugging, she glanced towards the house, seeing Monty waiting for them in the living room window, just like every night, greeting them with kisses every time they walked through the door.

“Maybe I just prefer the norm.”

Nodding and drumming his fingers over the pizza box, she’d demanded it after leaving the bar, using the growls of her stomach to prove the point, Deeks’ eyes flicked shut briefly, hesitation clinging to him.

“Maybe it’s good practice.”

“What does that mean?”

Opening one eye to peer at her, he shrugged. “I’m still willing to resign altogether you know, like I said, wait for you alongside Monty at night, have dinner waiting.”

Clearing her throat and forcing herself to meet his eyes, she nodded along to his words. “I thought you said you weren’t stay at home dad material.”

“I’m not sure I’m even dad material, but gotta start somewhere, you know?”


“I just want,” pausing, he glanced her way, gaze pleading with her to understand there isn’t pressure, isn’t a way of guilting her into any path, months he’d insisted that she, this, was enough, if this was all she wanted, it was plenty; it was simply him revealing a desire knitted deeply in his soul, a desire she found herself sharing more often than not.

“I just want us to take a step this year, vows, kid, I don’t know.”

Pulling in a deep breath, she reached across the vehicle, lifting his palm from the box to press a kiss to his fingers along with a promise to keep this conversation moving, just inside, over dinner and with his arm around her shoulders, Monty begging for nibbles beneath them, the normal she fell in love with.


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6 Comments on Drabble of the Week: Resolution

  1. Kaytie G. Marek // January 11, 2018 at 5:21 PM // Reply

    Now, I wish I would have had pizza for dinner LOL. I love that Kensi fell in love with normal! Great drabble to go along with this ep!


  2. Feelings, lots of feelings here! One of the most emotional pieces I have read. Thank you for making this forgettable episode much better!


  3. “I’m not sure I’m even dad material, but gotta start somewhere, you know?”
    This is my favorite line of this drabble! And, by the way, I can definitely see Deeks as dad material!
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it very much.


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