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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Russia, Russia, Russia” (S12E11)

Title: “Russia, Russia, Russia”
Airing: February 21, 2021
Filming: January 11th – 19th, 2021.
What CBS is telling us: When Callen goes to the National Counterterrorism Center on the pretext of interrogating a Russian asset from the crashed plane case he investigated months earlier, the tables are turned and he is detained, accused of being a Russian agent, on NCIS: Los Angeles. Episode is directed by series star Daniela Ruah. Gerald McRaney returns as Admiral Kilbride.
What we think is happening: Callen’s cryptic past leads him to incriminating accusations, and the team works with some familiar faces to help prove his innocence. 

Tiptoeing through the “Russia, Russia, Russia” guest cast 

(courtesy of Tess, many thanks again!)

Gerald McRaney as Retired Navy Admiral Hollace Kilbride
The Admiral returns from “A Fait Accompli”.  More of the Admiral is good.

Ravil Isyanov as Anatoli Kirkin
Last seen weeping at wedding of Kensi Blye and Martin Deeks while wearing matching handcuffs.

Nicki Micheaux as DOJ Special Agent Effie Carlson
Back from “Love Kills”.

Seamus Dever as Kapitan Alexi Gonchgarov

Dever was Dr. Ian Devlin in General Hospital, Dr. Chris Ferlinghetti in Army Wives, Kevin Ryan on Castle and Trigon/Frank Finney in Titans. Was Graham Thomas in the “Singled Out” episode of NCIS in Season 4 and Corporal Caden Duran in the “JAG: San Diego” episode of the final season of JAG.

Guest roles include Pensacola: Wings of Gold, Deep Cover, Without a Trace, Cold Case, Charmed, Threshold, CSI: NY, Ghost Whisperer, different characters in a Season 6 and Season 9 episode of CSI, Drop Dead Diva, Mad Men, Dark Blue, Legion, MacGyver and The Rookie.

Olesya Rulin as Zasha Gagarin
Eugene Prokofiev as Oleg Barinov
Both return from the season 12 premiere, “The Bear.” Zasha Gagarin was the young Russian woman whose loyalties were easily purchased. Oleg Barinov was the pilot.

Sara Donchey as Reporter Sara Donchey
Sara Donchey’s day job is a reporter for KCBS in Los Angeles.

Written by: R. Scott Gemmill wrote/cowrote “The Only Easy Day”, “Brimstone”, “Breach”, “LD50”, “Found”, “Borderline”, “Absolution”, “Archangel”, “Tin Soldiers”, “Impostors”, “Cyberthreat”, “Honor”, “The Watchers” and both sides of the NCIS Los: Angeles/Hawaii Five-0 “Touch of Death” episodes, “Recruit”, “Free Ride”, “Wanted”, “Ravens and The Swans”, “Impact”, “War Cries”, both ends of the “Deep Trouble” season five finale/season six premiere, “Inelegant Heart”, “Praesidium”, “Traitor”, “Active Measures” (season seven premiere), “Blame It On Rio”, “Internal Affairs”, “Matryoshka” part one,  “Talion” (Season 7 finale), “High Value Target”/“Belly of the Beast” (Season 8 premieres), “The Queen’s Gambit”, “Under Siege”, “Unleashed” (Season 8 finale), “Party Crashers” (Season 9’s premiere), “This Is What We Do” (episode 200), “Các Tù Nhân”, “Goodbye Vietnam”, “Ninguna Salida” (the Season 9 finale), “Hit List”, “Asesinos”, “Till Death Do Us Part”, “Choke Point”, “The Guardian”, “Hail Mary”, “Kill Beale Vol. 1”, “Alsiyadun”, “Fortune Favors the Brave”, “The Bear” (Season 12 premiere), “Angry Karen” and “Love Kills”.

Directed by: Daniela Ruah, who joins Chris O’Donnell and Eric Christian Olsen as a series star to work behind the camera.  Ruah and O’Donnell in the director’s chair, Olsen as a writer.  

Inside Info: Interviews at The Talk and Entertainment Tonight by Daniela and Eric

Official Promo Photos: Seen here at SpoilerTV

Shots from the Set (and the surrounding areas):



Sneak Peeks:

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4 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Russia, Russia, Russia” (S12E11)

  1. Is it just me or do you think RSG intended for us to hear “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” every time I see the title of this ep?

    Looking forward to seeing Dani’s work behind the camera, though I could probably live a long life without another Russia-themed ep. Tho this one brings Arkady back, so what could be bad?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol, I haven’t watched in a while (except the scene of Deeks getting his ncis badge) But “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” was the FIRST thing that I thought of when hearing this title. Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m a certified Brady fanatic, even liking the failed 90s reunion shows (Bobby is my favourite though).

      Yeah, I do think the Russia thing has played it’s run.


  2. Cant wait, looking forward to Dani directorial debut, to seeing Admiral Kilbride( I like him) I have seen some clips and excited too see Deeks and kensi , I see a little banter and fun moments. Between them. Poor callen , hope he finds out what’s going on with Anna, without getting in to much trouble. Russia, Russia, Russia. Cant wait.


  3. Awesome preview!


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