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Location #4: Australia

by DensiLand |

At the thought of getting shocked, both literally and figuratively, by a Tesla coil in “Higher Power” (3×11), Deeks firmly declares, “We make it out of this alive, we’re going to Australia.” Since they obviously lived to tell the tale, it’s off to the land Down Under for our daring duo! As the only inhabited country that’s also an entire continent, their opportunities for adventure are virtually endless.

Australia is also a collection of islands, which means an essential item on their itinerary will be to hit the surf! Opportunities for fantastic and varied surf (as well as safari tours) virtually encircle the entire country; an entire trip could be dedicated to these specific endeavors. The largest and most popular area is Bondi Beach, surrounded by countless cultural and retails offerings. (It was also the inspiration for scenes in Scooby Doo! and the Legend of the Vampire. Let the Shaggy comments commence!)

Yet, Deeks would likely have his sights set on the surfing wonderland that is The Gold Coast at Queensland. Also in this area of the globe, The Great Barrier Reef is not to be missed. A day trip to experience the abundant corral via SCUBA diving would be the perfect activity for both Deeks and Kensi.

Taking a break from the water another “G’Day” would surely be spent investigating a select section of the Outback, such as the famed Uluru, otherwise known as Ayres Rock. Hopefully they wouldn’t stumble upon a dingo and have thoughts of a playmate for Monty! It’s easy to picture Deeks donning a traditional Australian hat, channeling the fearless “Crocodile Dundee”. (It’s also just as easy to picture Kensi thieving said hat!)

Of course, a visit to this inviting and unique land should definitely include a stop to appreciate some of the indigenous and popular wildlife, such as koalas and kangaroos! Surely the countless vacation photos would include Deeks imitating these beloved national icons.

Finally, no trip to Australia would be complete without a night spent gazing across the wondrous beauty of Sydney Harbor and the renowned Sydney Opera House. (And if Deeks gets really lucky, maybe, just maybe Phantom of the Opera might be in town….)

Location #5 Clue:
This one’s too easy, perhaps a bit cheesy
Bright lights and loud sounds, some say it’s sleazy.
Some have no plans, a visit so aimless
The activities here, considered quite shameless
The secrets it holds can only be…

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6 Comments on Location #4: Australia

  1. Woo hoo, I was hoping it would be Australia. Both Kensi and Deeks would love a vacation here (as would anyone) If they wanted to see Kangaroos they could come to my front yard where we get visitors every night. But the surfing would be amazing. (Just quietly Manly beach is great too) So many wonderful things to do here. 🙂


  2. Yay! Been in Australia for the past 15 years and I haven’t even been to Uluru! Bucket list for 2014 (hopefully!). Beautiful description of destinations, and of course, my fave would be hometown of Sydney. They could stay for the (in)famous NYE’s fireworks, herald (nearly) every year as being the ‘best ever’. And I wonder if wingsofnight (of Tumblr) reads this… coz I really want her to do a manipulation of Paul Hogan & Linda Kozlowski (from the Crocodile Dundee movies) as all I could ‘see’ were them (with Kensi & Deek’s faces) when you were describing the outback and Uluru… Hmmm… Maybe I’ll just send an ask to her and see if she’ll do it… 😉 Great job as always and thank you!! ♥


  3. Excellent post. I hope Densi remembers that you can’t trust those koalas- you never know what they’re hiding in those pouches. 😉


  4. When I went to Australia last year and I visited Bondi Beach and Surfer´s Paradise in Gold Coast, I couldn´t not think of Deeks … ah ah he would LOVE those places !!!


  5. Awesome photos. I can picture Deeks as the surfer! Yum! 😊


  6. Deeks would love Australia so much. I’m not sure Kensi would cope with the flies though haha.


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