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Location #5: Las Vegas

by DensiLand |

Vegas? Vegas. VEGAS!

The very thought of Deeks & Kensi escaping to Las Vegas together would leave most fans with bulging eyes and eyebrows rocketing toward the ceiling! Seriously, Densi headed to Sin City?! Oh the possibilities!

Map - Las VegasIn “The Fifth Man” (4×3) Deeks has just returned from Vegas and struggles to hide disappointment his partner didn’t accompany him. Of course he continues the topic with Kensi, who does not refute the issue of her never having visited Las Vegas. Interesting. As Deeks attempts to convince Kensi to join him to the destination in the future, he uses a reliable ploy: a challenge. He targets her ego, questioning her ability to “keep up” with him, and we know Kensi is not one to ever back-down from a challenge! She refuses to be outdone by any of the guys, particularly her partner.

Having heard Kensi finally voice her concern, asking Deeks to be patient, paints a picture of an atypically skittish Kensi. This along with the outlandish environment of this renowned city should drive Deeks to approach this outing with notable caution. Thus, a two-part/day strategy is likely in order for the daring detective.

The focus of Day 1 would be to put Kensi at ease. To set the tone from the outset, the duo would select a base just outside the city, away from the chaotic Vegas Strip. An all-inclusive resort providing the desired amenities, but also offers an escape from daily life would be a prime selection. Making best use of their environment they might embark on a hike at Red Rock Canyon or opt for an ATV adventure. This would be a comfortable activity for “outdoorsy” Kensi, while simultaneously physically putting her in the driver’s seat! For this Deeks would easily (again) work to balance his need to hydrate in the desert versus his need to “answer the call of nature” every 20 minutes!

photo from

photo from

Once Deeks endures Day 1 in an effort to establish a settled Kensi, Day 2 would be everything he’s long anticipated. First, they would begin their day leisurely at the pool with Deeks springing for his desired cabana. Each being in swimwear is enough to already declare the trip a success!

Since the situation of “fine dining” may not be the top choice for either of them, Deeks decides to keep Kensi on her toes by going in a completely different direction. He might take her to a traditional, low-cost buffet where they can effortlessly mock why someone would want/need a steak larger than an entire dinner plate. Similarly, they he might give her the run of the Carnival World Buffet at the Rio Hotel & Resort — it offers over 300 dishes as well as more than 70 desserts. Kensi, with 70 desserts to choose from. . . can you even imagine? Deeks can, because that would surely make for one happy Kensi! A splurge option might be “Dinner in the Sky”, where visitors dine 200 feet in the air where the chairs have safety harnesses!

Skipping the typical Vegas shopping and casinos, this pair might experience a soothing gondola ride at the Venetian before heading to a show. “When in Rome” Deeks would clearly purchase ticket to Celine Dion (well, at least at the “Roman” Coliseum)!  Through a connection of a friend of a friend Deeks would finagle a dedication of “My Heart Will Go On” to Kensi as Ms. Dion explains tonight’s offering is expressed not for Rose in the movie, but to a very special “Fern”.

photo from

photo from

Finally, Deeks would set Kensi loose on a slamming dance floor where he gets to enjoy the view as much as experiencing a wild and free Kensi. As they wrap up the night, they would make a brief stop at the “Fountains of Bellagio”, where remarkably, the show would present its own version of “My Heart Will Go On”. The next song, “This Kiss”, would prompt a smirking, glimmer-eyed Deeks to jest how it would be rude to not follow the direction of the world-famous fountains! With a final tossing of coins into the water for prime wish-making, a memorable weekend in Vegas would be complete.

Location #6 Clue:
Year-round activity is what it’s about
A Deeks dream come true, without a doubt
The mountains & valleys piled high with snow
Sets the stage for escape to…

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4 Comments on Location #5: Las Vegas

  1. Love it! What a wonderful stay you have planned for them. I stayed at Red Rocks in October and it was so beautiful and peaceful, the total opposite of the energy and chaos of the Strip.


  2. WOW !! That would be the PERFECT weekend at Vegas !!


  3. That was great. Loved that Deeks would ask Celine to dedicate Kensi’s favorite song from the Titanic to Fern. Sweet! 😊


  4. I loved this. I was in Vegas in April and you can’t go to Vegas without seeing the Bellagio Fountains 😉 I stayed for two of the shows and took video of one of them on my phone. Love Vegas!


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