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Sabatino is Back! Will he make a bid for Kensi? Take our poll!

Erik Palladino tweeted about his return to the NCIS: Los Angeles set as Agent Sabatino, and we can only assume it will be to make Deeks’ life miserable (not to mention Densi shippers)!

@ErikPalladino: Just wrapped on another few episodes of NCIS:LA…thanks @DanielaRuah and the crew for being so great.

Based on this tweet, he obviously has scenes with Daniela Ruah, and with no mention of ECO, one would assume Deeks isn’t in the mix. Is Sabatino going to make a play for her (again)? Will Kensi rebuff his advances (if in fact there are any) and come clean about her relationship with her partner (finally)?

Take our poll and tell us how you feel about Sabatino’s return!

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5 Comments on Sabatino is Back! Will he make a bid for Kensi? Take our poll!

  1. I loved Deeks reaction whe we saw the CIA agent the last time so I’m curious how he will react this time. Is there something about he guy that Kensi is drawn to? She seemed kind of flustered around him. Anything to turn the heat up!


  2. I’m all for whatever increases tension between Kensi and Deeks… It keeps things interesting and it’s always fun to see what Deeks does to bring Kensi’s attention back to him.


  3. I trust Kensi. Especially now that she and Deeks have gone “official” there is no way she will even flirt with Sabatino.
    Although, like Diane said I loved Deek’s jealous reaction last time, so I am really curious to see how he is going to react now.


  4. I don’t Sabatino will try again with Kensi. He can sense there’s something going on between them before. What about now? His character will be a hypocrite if he said something and done the opposite.

    I don’t like seeing him but he’s existence I believe is going to make things interesting, create more tension and might raise the stakes. I guess I’m fine with it. haha…


  5. My vote was no mostly because he shot at the car and left Kensi in Afghanistan. I’m not sure I trust the guy. That being written I do like Erik Palladino; he’s a great actor and perhaps the previous writters are correct, maybe he’ll be used to cause tension/jealousy (no cheese please); we’ll just have to keep watching to find out :-).


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