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Deeks’ Surf Log – 10/27/14

October 27, 2014

So, nothing too out of the ordinary today. Our whole operational unit was compromised; Callen & Sam went on an “unauthorized” undercover outside the country; and Kensi was hungry at a crime scene & ate my chips. See? Just a normal day of takin’ down some bad guys. Oh, except for the fact the guys got made, were pinned down, and it was Granger (!) who swooped in to save them. What?! Oh man, they are never gonna live that down! Maybe we’re going to have to cut Granger some slack now. Looks like the crusty ole curmudgeon might actually be on our side after all – but how is it that he still doesn’t find me funny?! The guy definitely needs to lighten up.

Since not much is going on, it’s given me time to think – perhaps too much. So was Hetty going to DC really just a ploy for her safety? Is Afghanistan truly relegated to the history books? Are we all honestly off the hook for that mess? I don’t know why, but I get the sense there’s still more about that whole mission that’s being kept from us. Yet I can’t be a hypocrite; I’m hiding my own secrets, secrets I hope never come to light.

Oh, and a modification to my previous post may be in order. I made reference to being “confused” with both myself and Kensi. That term might not be completely accurate. Perhaps “conflicted” is a better choice. I don’t think I’m confused, not if I’m truthful with myself. While I think I know what I want for “endgame”, there are things that have and are happening that are presenting challenges. It’s clear the whole situation needs to be handled delicately. (Kensi did call me delicate once, so I’m obviously the man for the job!) No one knows the “how” or the “when” of “us”, but I’m trying to keep faith we’ll work it out. We always do… right?

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