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NCISLA “Come Back” (S7E14) Press Release

Press Release:


Matthew Del Negro Returns As Jack, Kensi’s Ex-Fiancé

“Come Back” – When Kensi and Deeks announce to the team they are moving in together, coincidentally, Hetty assigns them to protection detail for Jack (Matthew Del Negro), Kensi’s ex-fiancé, who is in possession of a list containing important contacts in Afghanistan that people are willing to kill to get their hands on, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Monday, Jan. 25 (9:59-11:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.

Chris O’Donnell (NCIS Special Agent G. Callen)
LL COOL J (NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna)
Linda Hunt (Henrietta “Hetty” Lange)
Daniela Ruah (NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye)
Eric Christian Olsen (LAPD Detective Marty Deeks)
Barrett Foa (Tech Operator Eric Beale)
Renée Felice Smith (NCIS Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones)
Miguel Ferrer (NCIS Assistant Director Owen Granger)

Matthew Del Negro (Jack Simon)
Jason Brooks (Sy Riggs)
Alex Weed (Junior)
Azim Rizk (Al Yasin/Driver)
Bahram Khosraviani (Ahmed Salib)
Christopher Allen (NCIS Special Agent Luke Nelson)

WRITTEN BY: Erin Broadhurst
DIRECTED BY: Eric Laneuville

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6 Comments on NCISLA “Come Back” (S7E14) Press Release

  1. Sharon Stark // January 8, 2016 at 4:12 AM // Reply

    That will be awkward! Not sure how I feel about that.


  2. Been waiting for this!


  3. Donna Marie // January 8, 2016 at 1:14 PM // Reply

    I had a feeling this would happen when Deeks & Kensi finally decided to move in together. The show is certainly trying to test their relationship. FIrst with Internal Affairs, the truth about what happened, and now this. I will wait with anxious anticipation on this storyline. At least we are getting a lot of Densi this season and some wonderful scenes. I think more than we have in previous seasons..


  4. This is going to be wierd, I am no so sure that I will like it.
    No script for the agents yet, they are still federal agents, are they?


  5. I am so excited by Deeks and Kensi moving in together that I don’t even want to think about the coincidence that this is going to happen the same episode Jack comes back to LA.
    It feels like we are living in a fanfiction and I don’t want to wake up. Ever.


  6. This will be interesting. Love that Kensi and Deeks want to move in together; they practically do already. My only question or concern is Kensi told Deeks “no more secrets.” As far as I know or seen she never revealed to anyone that she let herself be captured in Afghanistan to find Jack. She risked her life and the life of her team. I wonder if she’ll come clean about the truth. Looking forward to a good episode; loving Season 7 a lot so far ;-)!


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