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Drabble of the Week: On Hold


“See, I can follow orders,” Deeks groaned, slinging one arm over her shoulders as he collapsed on the couch cushions beside her, both too worn out to consider conquering the stairs to the bedroom. “Slept on the plane.”

“Slept on me more like.”

“You didn’t give me specifics, or seem to mind in the moment.”

Sniffing, she dropped her own head on his shoulder, ignoring in the moment at least, both of their desperate need for a shower; the smell of sweat was far more bearable than the idea of standing up again. “Well you drooled.”

“Guess I’m lucky you adore my quirks then,” he murmured, lightly kissing the crown of her head.

“You’re lucky I tolerate them.”

“Touché.” Rubbing a circle over her far shoulder absent mindedly, he muted his phone, tossing it on the coffee table and sent up a quick prayer that would keep Eric and case calls away for the next 24 hours.

Because God, after the last 24, after trekking through the wilderness, tigers, and even more near death experiences, he was in need of a few without the constant voices of elderly GI Joes and his team members, well… except one.


A sleepy “mmmhmm?” and a arm sliding around his waist, securing her closer to him answering his question, he pressed forward, accepting that for now, any deeper thoughts could wait. Any mixed emotions and reminders that this couldn’t be it, that days like today continued to prove this couldn’t be the rest of their future.

“Next time we head out of the country, preferably soon, we need a vacation from that getaway; let’s have it involve less guns and face paint.”

Chuckling against his chest, she tilted her face upward, meeting his eyes. “And no man eating tigers.”

“Summer vacation?”

“Somewhere cold.”

“Deal,” he nodded, shifting slightly to ease the creases of his pants digging into his thighs and leaning backward to brace his head against the cushions. Everything else could wait, the urge he had to remind her they weren’t Hetty, never could be, that at her age, they wouldn’t be pursuing cases still and God, he even questioned if he wanted to be now.

It could wait because for now he was still holding her, for now they were still sleepily planning their future and wedding venues were still bookmarked on the computer and the ring she’d slipped the moment they were off the clock, a habit she’d formed months ago, was shimmering on her finger.



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NCISLA is my happy place and fanfic is my hobby of choice. Blogger, lover of felines, and cheesecake enthusiast.

4 Comments on Drabble of the Week: On Hold

  1. These two are so comfortable with each other just like a married couple. NCSLA is also my happy place and I’ve enjoyed everything from you divergent. Again well done and looking forward to season 10.


  2. NCIS: LA is my happy place, too and I also seem to be addicted to well-written Densi fanfiction, like yours. Thanks for sharing your stories.

    Liked by 1 person

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