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4 Comments on What’s Your Favorite Frank Military Episode?

  1. The only episode I didn’t care for was “An unlocked mind” It had me on the edge of my seat which I guess I can blame on the writing and actors. My favorite is the same many have chosen. Thanks Diane.


  2. Can we vote more than once? I really can’t decide….

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  3. I see that “To Live and Die in Mexico” is winning by a large margin. I’d say that’s my favorite episode for Frank Military direction. Those epic shots of Kensi hauling Deeks through the desert were incredibly cinematic, and the scenes in the church were beautifully lit and shot. But my all-time favorite episode for Military’s writing will likely always be “Descent,” which accomplished so much in bringing so many storylines to a head and leaving us with a summer chock full of fan fiction trying to deal with the best-ever cliffhanger he left us.

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  4. After thinking a little about what I really look for in an episode, I voted for “Descent”, even if without thinking much, my very first choice would have been “Spoils of war”, an epic episode that seemed like a movie in just 50 minutes.
    I mean, I really liked this season opener, “To live and die in Mexico”, but I think “Descent” and “Spoils of war” are by far the most emotional, heartbreaking and amazing Military’s episodes.

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