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Location #3: Norway

by DensiLand |

Map - NorwayFrom the third proposed vacation destination in “Recruit” (4×2), Deeks offers an adventure to “Norway, the land of my forefathers.” Deeks, like his portrayer Eric Christian Olsen, descends from northwestern Scandinavia. It’s unlikely Deeks has previously visited his primary homeland. Perhaps he made this choice in order to learn about his heritage and likewise show Kensi more of who he is, where he comes from, in an effort to gain her trust.

Knowing Deeks’ joking ways and in order to help Kensi feel comfortable, he’d likely engage in some jovial efforts. Maybe striking some silly poses next to well-known statues? Trying to take a turn at the Norwegian language? Most predictable would be Deeks donning a traditional horned Viking helmet! (You know you’ve all pictured that one!) And with Norway having a King as its head of state, Deeks would surely convince Kensi he is destined to inevitably ascend to the throne. This would of course build Deeks’ flirting to a pinnacle, stating how it would officially make Kensi his Queen!

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The food-loving Kensi would have no problem being fulfilled during their journey. As the world’s second largest exporter of fish, that owed dinner at Crustacean would easily be forgotten. Yet, Kensi would be most excited over the distinct pastries central to this culture.  Two key examples are Kringles and Skolebrod (School Bread). Kringles are made from either puff pastry or yeast, filled with marzipan and raisins, and topped with sugar, nut flakes (such as almonds), or icing. Skolebrod is a sweet roll with custard, icing, and coconut. This alone should have Kensi eager to board that international flight!

Depending on the time of year in which they visit, the sunrise/sunset would likely dictate their activities even more than the climate. During the summer months, when temperatures average in the 60s and sometimes 70s, the sun never fully sets in the northern most parts, while the rest of the country enjoys up to 20 hours of sunlight per day. This phenomenon has given Norway the designation of “Land of the Midnight Sun.” Just imagine, with this weather and near endless sunlight, how much Deeks might be in the water! Yet, National Geographic has listed the Norwegian icy fjords as the world’s top tourist attraction. The winter transforms the country into an arctic tundra and its citizens endure hardly any sunlight during this season. Just like Densi, Norway seems to be an example of contrasts.

A probable day for our duo could include an early excursion to a rural area via dogsled. This would likely end with Deeks and Kensi giving the sled dogs piles of love and attention, as well as conjure reminiscent conversation about Monty. There might be an afternoon hike among the world-renowned glaciers and fjords that guides them to a… frozen lake. What better location for Deeks and Kensi to continue their personal conversation than a location that epitomizes the entire parable? It would give them an opportunity to geographically and emotionally test the strength of the ice.

Their evening might conclude with a venture to a lookout or elevated cliff to behold the beauty and wonder of the  Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights. This would be quite a spectacular and special sight to behold, a unique memory they would share far into the future.

Location #4 Clue:
The next destination, an island it is
Yet not Hawaii, nor Caribbean, the choice all his
Journeying there takes two entire “days”
Leaving their minds in an inexplicable haze
No background is needed in academia
New memories await in…

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2 Comments on Location #3: Norway

  1. Ah, yes, Deeks with his fair “Norwegian-American” complexion would do well in Norway. Another great post, and I just have to say that those photos are spectacular! It’s definitely moved Norway up higher on my list.


  2. Alrighty…Norway is now moving up on my bucket list of destinations. Beautiful! 😊


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