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Debating Deeks: Should Deeks Sign on to Become a Member of NCIS or Stay an LAPD Detective?

Diane (phillydi) | Bridget L


Welcome to our second Debating Deeks topic: Should Deeks become a member of NCIS or stay an LAPD Detective? I'm joined by the fabulous Bridget L. who feels very strongly that Deeks should stay with the LAPD while I would love to see our loveable Detective become a member of the NCIS team once and for all. After you read our fun debate, be sure to vote on which side of the issue you are on.  Let's get started.....

Diane:  After five years I would think Deeks would have forgotten what it is like to be an LAPD Detective and want to become part of the NCIS family. I no longer feel that it is his sole identity now.  He’s proven that he is a first class undercover agent and it shouldn’t matter where he hunts down bad guys. Justice takes on many mantles and he can fight crime just as easily with NCIS as he can with the LAPD. Also, he never felt at home with LAPD but now he has a home with NCIS.

Bridget:  Sure, becoming a part of NCIS, would finally make him an “official” member of the team and family. But I don’t think signing some papers will do that. I think he’s already become a part of the family whether or not some document proves otherwise. I think it’s also nice to maintain that “connection” to the LAPD in case they would need to call them in for help on a case. Deeks may still have ties there that could help them out.

Diane:  It’s been almost five years and Deeks didn’t have the best ties with the LAPD even back then. Being a maverick and always undercover, his reputation wasn’t a stellar one within the department so I don’t know if that really would help NCIS any longer after all these years. I think if they still need a LAPD presence it would be better to get another detective/desk jockey type to handle the administrative/diplomatic side of working with NCIS. That was never Deeks strong point, as we know. The man prefers getting his hands dirty on the undercover side. As much as he is accepted as part of the fold now, I think it would go an even longer way to aid in getting the respect of other team members like Callen and perhaps Granger, who haven’t always felt comfortable around the Deeks.

Bridget: Well I’m not really sure that Granger feels comfortable around any one on the team. So Deeks isn’t alone in that point. As for Callen, well I think he’s come to see Deeks belongs on the team just as much as the rest of them and again, a piece of paper isn’t going to tell him differently. Callen and Sam have always judged Deeks by his work and what he does, rather than what he says. I think at the end of Season 4 when Deeks succumbed to torture rather than give up info on Michelle, he solidified his place on the team not only in Sam’s eyes, but Callen as well. I think there’s no question that the team is a strong unit and Deeks is a core member of it.

Diane: I think Deeks is caught in a vortex now. He has to think of his future… and maybe his future with Kensi as well. I don’t think he’s going to be able to go back to the LAPD any longer. He’s gotten a taste of what it’s like to work together with a team that trusts his training (if not always his methods) and he has a boss who respects him and is always looking out for his best interests. He will never have that at the LAPD. Back in season two he told Hetty that he wanted to remain a cop, because that’s who he is… but I think if he looked deep down inside, he would see less of that cop now and identify more with the NCIS agents he works with. He has to move on and away from the LAPD. He has gone far beyond that world.

Bridget:  While you’re right, in many ways Deeks has gone far beyond that world, I do also agree that his future is with Kensi. In order to have a better shot at that future he should remain as part of a separate entity, the LAPD, instead of join up with NCIS in an official capacity. Deeks already feels responsible for Kensi getting “sent away” to Afghanistan on the White Ghost mission. He’s also heard how things didn’t work out for Talia and her partner when they got together and how her partner is no longer a part of the DEA because of it. While Deeks wants nothing more than to be with Kensi, he also knows how important their jobs are to both of them and doesn’t want to jeopardize that. At least if he remains part of LAPD they may be able to “blur the lines” a little better when they eventually get together.

Diane:  I don’t think it matters what law enforcement agency he is a part of in terms of Kensi. They are all hard on relationships. My feeling is that logistically, Deeks is going to be forced to decide eventually. I don’t think LAPD is going to allow him to continue this gig indefinitely no matter how much pull Hetty has.  Of course that’s the realistic side of my argument but this isn’t real life and I guess anything can happen out there in tv land.  But my dream is to see that NCIS badge hanging on his hip one day. He should be with an agency that respects his skills and talent… he deserves better and I think NCIS can give him that respect he deserves.

Bridget:  You’re right, no matter how it shakes out, it’s going to be a hard road for him and Kensi to realistically work together once they become “more than partners”. But it’s not like this situation hasn’t been approached on other television shows. Castle is a prime example where partners got together romantically and have found a “loophole” in order to continue to work together. Is this always the most realistic situation? No, but I’m sure that something similar would happen with Deeks and Kensi down the road. I think a more realistic loophole would present itself though if Deeks remains with the LAPD over officially joining NCIS. So while I definitely think that Deeks is deserving of that NCIS badge, the fangirl in me wants as little obstacles as possible in the road for Deeks and Kensi to be together. If staying with LAPD helps remove some of those, then I’m all for that.

What’s your opinion? Should Deeks join NCIS or stay with the LAPD? Take our poll below…


DianeDiane Volpe is a Contributing Editor at Follow her on Twitter: @phillydi

BridgetBridget Liszewski is a staff writer for Show Ratings TV. You can read her reviews on NCIS:LA and more HERE.  Follow Bridget on Twitter: @BridgetOnTV

About Diane (402 Articles)
Founder, Writer and Contributing Editor of wikiDeeks. Always wanted to put together a talented team of writers and graphic designers who loved NCISLA and Marty Deeks in particular! My dream came true! Hope you enjoy what we have created!

9 Comments on Debating Deeks: Should Deeks Sign on to Become a Member of NCIS or Stay an LAPD Detective?

  1. My response is actually split. At this point in time he should stick with the assignment he has. My core reasoning for this there is something that has kept Deeks from signing the papers. Until we learn what that is and he works through whatever that obstacle is, we need him to stay put. This will (hopefully) be part of his story (character development) and make Deeks a deeper character on the other side. Along the way we will value the reason and his expected struggle with it.

    Once he has cleared all of that, send him off to get his “official training” and get that badge on his hip! (Nice imagery Diane!) None of us wants the possibility of LAPD pulling him back (again) to happen!

    (Also note, not once did I mention Kensi. Wow.)


  2. I don’t like the idea that Deeks’ professional future should somehow revolve around Kensi, but I guess that’s the way it’s going to go. Still, I think he has many more possibilities than just NCIS or LAPD. Talia expressed interest in recruiting him to the DEA; he may also have come to the attention of the CIA, for saving the life of CIA Agent Hanna in Descent/Ascension and of Sabatino (as well as his NCIS team) in Spoils of War. I’d like to see him leave both LAPD and NCIS behind (temporarily of course) and give himself a chance to grow. If he then came back to NCIS by choice, he would bring even more to the team than he does now.

    Of course, he might also leave to go back to being a lawyer, but I get the feeling that’s a non-starter. And I would love to find out why he left the legal profession in the first place.


  3. LAPD or NCIS?
    For me is this easy answer, NCIS.
    He enjoying work with team, with all benefits (sometimes with bad benefits, like torture, or shot).
    But still, team hold his back.
    NCIS save his live during undercover operation, not LAPD.
    I dont see any of LAPD officers visit him in hospital, during all his “hospital vacations”, or in home, during recovery.
    So, he enjoying team work, team cover, ….team benefits, and still babbling about “I am cop, that is me…”
    That is “funny”, NCIS team save his live, but he still acting like childish idiot, and he still think “I am cop…”
    OK Deeks, go back in LAPD, go undercover, and enjoy alone your death.
    Wait for another boss cop, who want you dead, who will betray you, sooner or later, that will be happen.
    And here we are…!

    Is just on him, when he will sign those papers from Hetty.
    Now is probably too late, because Hetty is gone.
    And how will be react Granger, if Deeks bring him those papers?
    We have to wait.
    Even if Granger accepted him, like agent, there is still possibility, for split him from Kensi (of course not, producers need keep teasing material for viewers 😉 ), because we know, how Granger “like” them relationship.
    Isn’t it?

    Is just on him, when he stop think like brainless child, and when he realise, that is impossible seat on two chairs, in one time.

    Honestly, I don’t want any answer from him (why, when, if…).
    Just do it, or shut up about that.
    Because if I see any others metaphores…raccoons, three hearts, boxes, knives, or some new crazy things, I explode, and I will stop watch it.
    Too much is just too much.
    He really need do hard work on his communications skills, because his babbling, drive me crazy.


  4. Part 1 ; I have been rewatching NCIS LA season 1-5 to see what i would like revisit and see on Season 6. One of them is About Deeks coming a NCIS Agent. In Season 2 Episode Imposter Hetty handed Deeks paperwork for resigning for LAPD and Joining NCIS and felt he a cop and nothing else then In season 3 Episode “The Debt” : Kensi wanted him quiet LAPD and Join NCIS. Lt Bates even say that he never belong with LAPD. but After the case both Lt Bates and Deeks agree that he belong with NCIS. But after everything what happen in Season 5 Does Kensi still feel the same way has in Season 3 The Debt? In Season 5 “Ascension” : Sam tells Deeks He became great Agent. but I cant See if does join NCIS they can transfer him somewhere else. but if stay where is there like ganger already set up cover Ops Has we saw in season 4 Parley. I do think he should became NCIS because belong there in feel in home there and Hetty would fight keep here.


  5. Part 2 About Kensi & Deeks relationship In Season 4 End of “Parley” : Hetty told Deeks go for with Kensi. then Season Final His Communication was very clear. .In Season 5 “Ascension” Deeks to told Kensi how he felt then and Again In ” Recovery” Then She told how she felt in The Frozen Lake” Both them told each How they feel in “Three Hearts”. Like what Bridget say they do like did for Castle. Which I hope they do that. Part 3; Diane say that Calleen & Ganger never felt comfortable with Deeks? Ganger I dont know really. But Calleen little be upset with hetty for not telling him about hire Deeks has Liaison Officer but there always a reason behind what Hetty does. But I think Calleen is very comfortable with Deeks they have alot things in common.


  6. Reader1976 // June 19, 2014 at 8:31 PM // Reply

    I believe that Deeks will eventually become a member of NCIS. As everyone noted, the seeds have been planted throughout the seasons that Deeks doesn’t belong with LAPD. His first “liasing” at the crime scene had Kensi bailing him out and claiming the crime scene as NCIS’s when the detectives on the scene shut him down. In “hand to hand”, his backstopping by LAPD was simply a drivers license..nothing more..not even a library card. Clearly NCIS has his back more so than LAPD. The team and Hetty are now Deeks’s family yet there’s something holding him back and that story has yet to be told. I think there will be more stories/cases with LAPD before he becomes NCIS.
    And yeah, that dream…an NCIS badge hanging on his hip…nice one😄


  7. Nice debate! I think Deeks clearly belongs with NCIS, and sees himself that way. I’d like to think that the closeness and acceptance he gained from Sam and Callen, first by enduring torture to protect Michelle, and then simply by working with them more closely during Kensi’s absence, would be the final missing element to making him feel like a true part of the team. I can, however, see one possible reason for him to stay, which is the NCIS policy on dating partners. Since I don’t think the show has ever made that policy clear, perhaps it frowns on such things, and Deeks worries that he and Kensi would be split up were he to join NCIS officially. I also think a reason the showrunners might choose to keep him as LAPD is simply all the story possibilities it opens up, with him being called back for cases with them.


  8. I’d have to check, but I’m going to be cynical here. I need to go back and look at how the writing team has changed since the end of season two because there’s the real possibility that they just kind of opted to forget writing in the signed papers in Hetty’s drawer.


  9. I think the scripwriters forgot about Deeks becoming an NCIs agent or they are reserving it for an episode wherein they just don’t have anything good to write about.


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