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6 Comments on Kensi’s Journal – 09/21/15

  1. Missed this journal all summer. Love how comfortable Kensi is in their relationship, which was the feeling I also got from watching the episode. Her declaration of “all in” was for real and it shows😄 Feels like Kensi😄 Love her comments and concern for G.


    • I missed writing it too! It was great to see them being comfortable together and saying the ‘L’ word like it was something that had happened several times before. Thanks!


  2. I completely agree with Reader1976; great having the return of the journal and, everything is spot on as to how I felt and saw the episode! Thanks Reader1976! Cheers to a great Season 7!


  3. “It used to bother me a lot when girls flirted with him but now… I know he loves me. He says it often and I love hearing it”

    You couln’d have chosen better words to describe Kensi’s feelings. Let’s hope she remembers this even this week with Talia…
    Thanks for the first entry of Season 7!


  4. Ah yes, Talia. Stay tuned for the fallout! Thanks!


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