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4 Comments on Kensi’s Journal – 05/02/16

  1. Reader1976 // May 8, 2016 at 8:08 PM // Reply

    Wow, i was thinking that Kensi would be thinking about all of this after the case was over. I hope next season addresses her concerns. Great journal entry!


  2. Laura Ann // May 10, 2016 at 8:43 AM // Reply

    What should they do? Well, they are the “junior/younger” agents, but at some point do they get to stop living for “the team” and have a life before they run out of time. If they want kids they deserve them. Frankly, it would seem to me that they’ve given just about enough to have no guilt about saying now it’s our time. Go into forensics, become an advocate for the homeless or children, teach the next set of agents . . . but that’s not near as exciting LOL. So, who knows. Dedicated for life; just having each other is enough for two who thought they’d never have anyone; start their own foster parent house instead of having little babies; take out huge life insurance policies. move mamma Deeks in as home mother and just go for it? I do hope they do the proposal/wedding (if there are any) really well. Oh, and What’s In The Box? I thought we were supposed to find out last season?????


    • I thought about the box the other day. I wonder if they forgot about it sitting on that shelf. Maybe they will tie that in with the proposal?


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