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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Imposter Syndrome” (S12E15)

Title: “Imposter Syndrome”

Airing: May 2nd, 2021

Filming: February 19th – March 1st, 2021

What CBS is telling us: NCIS obtains a hard drive containing a realistic deep fake video of a deceased terrorist and must retrieve the dangerous technology behind it. However, when the team’s comms are highjacked during their mission, they find that one of their own has been a victim of its potential.

What we think is happening: The team hunts for a criminal who is using Deep Fake technology to impersonate both a dead terrorist – and the team! Densi paints their new home.

Tiptoeing through the “Imposter Syndrome” guest cast

(as always – courtesy of Tess, many thanks again!)

Rob Black as Garrett Coffey.
There are several Rob Blacks in IMDB and none with a long list of credits. Garrett Coffey, however, is an actor who was Roman in Bunheads and Slider Rasenick in Major Crimes. Coffey had guest roles in Us, Code Black, Almost Family, The Sinner and 9-1-1.

Pedro Tapia as Adam Elshar
There are several Pedro Tapias in IMDB and none with a long list of credits. Adam Elshar, however, is an actor who was Big Zee in Newton’s Cradle.

Matty Cardarople as Danny
Cardarople is back as Danny who worked in a donut shop in “Into the Breach” (see him with LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell in Season 10 here).

Joseph Makkar as Umar Hamid
Makkar played Hamid in a Season 11 episode but the scene only appeared in the Season 11 DVD recap. He also appeared in episodes of Sleeper Cell and SEAL Team.

Oksana Orlan as Cleo
Orlan appeared in a few short films and uncredited roles in a few feature films.

Written by: Samantha Chasse
Chasse co-wrote “Kill Beale Vol. 1” with Eric Pot as the director.

Directed by: Eric A. Pot directed “Resurrection”, “Windfall”, “Traitor”, “Internal Affairs”, “Home is Where the Heart Is”, “Forasteira”, “Reentry”, “Hit List”, “The One Who Got Away”, “Kill Beale Vol 1”, “Fortune Favors the Brave” and “A Fait Accompli”. Pot is a First Assistant Director for the program.


Official Promo Photos: Seen here at SpoilerTV

Snaps from the Set (and the surrounding areas):



Insider Info: Renee talks about the episode during an interview with KTLA this week while promoting her new children’s book “Hugo and the Impossible Thing”.


Sneak Peeks:


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8 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Imposter Syndrome” (S12E15)

  1. Eager to get this episode over with. And to start figuring out how Hetty returns in the finale.


  2. Soooo excited to see a new episode.


  3. Thank you for such an interesting preview. Looks like an intriguing episode. Might even be worth the wait.


  4. I just haven’t been able to get into this season at all. Not so much the gaps between episodes, but rather the rehashing of old plot ideas and what’s starting to feel like a really crowded cast without a developed connection. The ideal in my view was when they had pairs (Hetty and Granger, Sam and Callen, Deeks and Kensi, and Eric and Nell) that were interesting both in their respective pairs and as a group…and were allowed to develop and grow over time. Plots also felt like they rotated more. Now…I just don’t know.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s been like this since Season 10 IMO. It’s pretty clear that with no Hetty, the writers have no idea what to do with everyone else. Like, how many times can it look like that Hetty is going to leave for good when any long time fan knows that’s never going to happen?! Can’t there seriously be a better excuse to Linda being sidelined then the same old same old ‘Hetty has vanished, don’t know where she is, is she going to leave for good?’, it always ends the same way: She returns and resumes her position.


    • I admit, this season has been a little bit up and down, but given everything at play, I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt. I had a similar thought about the cast feeling crowded, and I realized I think it’s because of all the separation due to COVID protocols. Whereas before, they would have the group scenes of 4 or 6 or all of them, now we have to divy up screen time into individual scenes for each pair, which means more cuts between scenes and feeling like we’re bouncing between 10 topics instead of 1 or 2. Hopefully things will be back to closer to “normal” for season 13!


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