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#NCISLAShowNShare – Day 2

NCISLA - ECO tweet - DVD commentary

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1 Comment on #NCISLAShowNShare – Day 2

  1. Well, I’m not on Twitter or Facebook (makes my digital spring cleaning a lot easier) so I guess I can’t vote on this one (unless you guys want to put up a poll and pass the results along somehow). I would vote for Spoils of War, because I don’t think any good can come out of any further commentary about The Punch, but really there should be other options.

    But since the topic of the DVDs has come up, I have a couple of questions that someone here might know the answer to or be able to get it: Are we going to see a director’s cut of Spoils of War that includes the 10 minutes (and presumably the flashback) that was left on the cutting room floor? What about any other deleted scenes? I remember someone mentioning a really good scene cut from Ascension with Deeks in the hospital – anyone know if that scene was actually filmed, and if so are they going to include it in the DVDs?


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