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wikiDeeks Mentioned on NCISLA DVD Commentary

As we celebrate wikiDeeks’ 2nd anniversary, one of the most memorable things to happen here at the site was hearing our name mentioned on the Season 6 DVD commentary.

You might remember last April when we issued a couple of polls asking what you wanted to see from the commentary that Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah were soon to record. The first asked which episode they should choose, and the second asked what types of things they should discuss. wikiDeeks Contributor Gayle helped us relay the results to our favorite duo, as you could see in one of Daniela’s Instagram posts…

Comentary Bingo

We thought that was plenty fantastic, until we were listening to the extended discussion of said polls on the DVD commentary itself. To our surprise, wikiDeeks actually got a shout out from Eric! We couldn’t be more delighted that in some small way, our little website will be remembered for a long time to come. Thanks Eric and Daniela!

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7 Comments on wikiDeeks Mentioned on NCISLA DVD Commentary

  1. I haven’t heard the commentary yet, but from the video here what strikes me is he says it so “casually” as if this thing, wikiDEEKS, is a given! Like, you know, doesn’t everyone have one of those LOL? Quite the kudo to you guys, I think!


  2. Congratulations! So enjoyed hearing this when I got my DVD!


  3. Awesome😄😄😄😄. Wow, that’s huge! So proud of you guys!


  4. Thanks everyone. Laura Ann, your observation makes me smile. You’re right, he really does throw the name out there like it’s something he talks about all the time. 🙂 Or that’s what I’m going to choose to believe anyway. 😉


  5. Plus you made him laugh with the episodes up for a vote


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