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8 Comments on Who should Deeks ask to be his Best Man?

  1. “Good question.” ~ Personal (2.17)

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  2. Sam, best man. Callen, escort Kensi down the aisle.


  3. I voted for Eric. I think he deserves to be Deeks’ best man after all the support he’s giving him perfectioning his vows! The scene in “Better angels”, in the armory, in which Deeks asks Beale for his help in making his vows sound less ordinary and Eric responds with his very Shakespearean ones is maybe my favorite of all the Densi wedding planning (often out of character) scenes.


  4. Ray Martindale, the friend who was sent into witness protection. He basically saw the spark first! It will be awesome coming out of Witness Protection for the wedding.


  5. Actually thinking outside the box here…it would be nice to see Shane Brennan, who created the show. But I don’t think he is available! But if Callen ever gets married, it has to be Shane✨


  6. I think it should be Sam, but I will admit to thinking maybe it would be Eric after Deeks was rehearsing his vows with him. And for all that it is holy, it better not be Ray (sorry, Dianne)! The man shouldn’t even know that Deeks is getting married, much less be able to attend–it’s too much of a risk to his life.

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    • Debra Gillespie // February 13, 2019 at 3:46 PM // Reply

      Agreed, Psyched…I voted for Sam, because as much I think it would be great that Ray could be best man, it would be too risky for him, and his wife and child and/or children.(Unless the writers wanted to involve him in some sort of story arch….hey fan fiction writers out there, give it a shot!)

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