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Kensi’s Journal – 05/18/15

May 18, 2015

I woke up on the plane to find everyone asleep but me. Deeks has managed to sprawl all over me but I’m not really complaining. I’m pretty sure I did the same to him earlier. Besides, I owe him for saving my butt again today even though I didn’t tell him so. I’m still struggling with my stupid pride over things like that and I was doing much better but I think jet lag helped contribute to my general bad mood and overall lack of appreciation. I promise to make it up to him when we get home.

Callen is sitting alone in the back of the plane. I assume he’s asleep but you never know for sure. This has been an emotional trip for him and I’m afraid the answers he was looking for are not what he had hoped to hear. Once he gets back to Joelle, I’m sure he’ll snap out of his heavy mood. He also wasn’t too happy about leaving Arkady but Hetty convinced him there were others who would enable his escape when the time was right.

Anna might be Arkady’s biological daughter but she certainly wasn’t what we were expecting. She seemed to want nothing to do with him until he got shot then she refused to leave him until he forced her to go, along with the rest of us. She is a very interesting person but I’m still not sure I trust her entirely.

This trip to Russia was to find Anna but the ultimate goal was finding the missing oil. We managed to find her as well as track down the oil tankers which means the money will not be added to the ISIS treasury. Anything we can do to thwart their efforts is worth it.

Deeks just shifted a bit so hopefully my left arm won’t be completely numb. With several more hours to go, I think I’ll finish here and cuddle up with my guy.


3 Comments on Kensi’s Journal – 05/18/15

  1. Reader1976 // May 22, 2015 at 9:07 AM // Reply

    Love this! Agree that Kensi’s pride sometimes gets the best of her. Love that she will make it up to Deeks. I don’t much trust Anna either and the snuggle fest is a fantastic end to this season. Let’s leave the two snuggling for the duration of the summer😄😄😄


  2. Excellent wrap up for the trip home and the summer break!


  3. Great job all season!


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