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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Subject 17” (S13E01)

Title: Subject 17

Airing: October 10th, 2021

Filmed: August 13th – 23rd, 2021 (This was the 4th episode shot this season)

What CBS is telling us: While Callen suspects Hetty of keeping secrets about his past and Joelle surfaces in her quest to capture Katya, NCIS must track down an informant whose life is in danger. Also, Kensi and Deeks work to expand their family, on the 13th season premiere of NCIS: LOS ANGELES

What we think is happening: First thought on the episode description can be summed up in one word: “Still”. Callen is still looking into his past and Hetty’s involvement in it, Katya is still on the loose and Joelle is still chasing her, and Deeks and Kensi are still trying for a family.


Tiptoeing through the “Subject 17″ guest cast

(courtesy of Tess, many thanks again!)

Sunday’s episode is sneaking up on me.

REGULAR CAST: Gerald McRaney as Retired Admiral Hollace Kilbride

The Admiral is now a regular.


Preston Edwards as Young Boy
Child actor who appeared in episodes of Y: The Last Man, The Equalizer (2021) and Mr. Robot.

Elizabeth Bogush as Joelle Taylor
Last seen arguing with Callen in “Through the Looking Glass” near the end of Season 12.

Olesya Rulin as Zasha Gagarin
Last seen arguing with Callen in “The Noble Maidens” in the final Russia four-parter in Season 11.

Written by:  R. Scott Gemmill wrote/cowrote “The Only Easy Day”, “Brimstone”, “Breach”, “LD50”, “Found”, “Borderline”, “Absolution”, “Archangel”, “Tin Soldiers”, “Impostors”, “Cyberthreat”, “Honor”, “The Watchers” and both sides of the NCIS Los: Angeles/Hawaii Five-0 “Touch of Death” episodes, “Recruit”, “Free Ride”, “Wanted”, “Ravens and The Swans”, “Impact”, “War Cries”, both ends of the “Deep Trouble” Season five finale/Season six premiere, “Inelegant Heart”, “Praesidium”, “Traitor”, “Active Measures” (Season seven premiere), “Blame It On Rio”, “Internal Affairs”, “Matryoshka” part one,  “Talion” (Season seven finale), “High Value Target”/“Belly of the Beast” (Season eight premieres), “The Queen’s Gambit”, “Under Siege”, “Unleashed” (Season eight finale), “Party Crashers” (Season nine’s premiere), “This Is What We Do” (episode 200), “Các Tù Nhân”, “Goodbye Vietnam”, “Ninguna Salida” (the Season nine finale), “Hit List”, “Asesinos”, “Till Death Do Us Part”, “Choke Point”, “The Guardian”, “Hail Mary”, “Kill Beale Vol. 1”, “Alsiyadun”, “Fortune Favors the Brave”, “The Bear” (Season 12 premiere), “Angry Karen”, “Love Kills”, “Russia, Russia, Russia”, “The Noble Maidens” and “A Tale of Two Igors” (Season 12 finale).

Directed by:  Dennis Smith directed “Fame”, “Standoff”, “Rocket Man”, “Cyberthreat”, “Exit Strategy”, “Patriot Acts”, “Out of the Past” part one, “The Livelong Day”, Between the Lines”, “Deep Trouble” part two, “Black Budget”, “Black Wind”, “Blame it On Rio”, “Defectors”, “Matryoshka” part one, “Granger, O”, “The Queen’s Gambit”, “Hot Water”, “From Havana With Love”, “Plain Sight”, the lighthearted “Monster”, “Superhuman”, “One of Us”, “Smokescreen” part one, “Decoy”, “Mother” (episode 250), “Alsiyadun”, “The Bear”, “Angry Karen” and “Signs of Change”.


Insider Info

A Sneak Peek with some quotes from Scott Gemmill was featured on TVLine

Daniela co-hosted Entertainment Tonight on Friday, Oct. 8th to promote the start of the 13th season!


Official Promo Photos: You can find the promo photos here at SpoilerTV

Shots from the Set (and the surrounding areas):



Sneak Peeks:

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10 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Subject 17” (S13E01)

  1. Thanks for bringing these previews back for this Season!

    I’m really excited for whatever Hetty content we’re gonna get in this episode! 🙂


  2. Great job, Lyssa! Can I make a request for all subsequent Previews? Can we just cut out any references to Katya and hope the show follows suit?


    • Haha! I mostly agree with that, but each time her name comes up I hope it’ll be the end of her… and then it’s not. One of these times, it’ll happen!


  3. Thanks for the preview!! I’m excited for the show and enjoy the background info. One tiny thing – wasn’t Joelle last seen in season 12?


  4. Debra Gillespie // October 10, 2021 at 1:18 AM // Reply

    Thanks for bringing the previews back. I’ve seen many of the promos/preview videos/social media photos etc. shown here, but it’s really fun to see them again and in one specific place. Looking forward for the upcoming season like other NCIS LA fans.


    • I completely agree! One of the reasons I love assembling these previews is because it makes it so much easier to find the information! With so many pictures, videos, articles, and snippets here and there it makes it hard to remember what we know for any given episode. Thanks for the comment!


  5. Thank you Lyssa, I was really happy to see your preview on my screen this morning, it’s great. It helped me make sense of some of the bts stuff I looked at. I did know they don’t always show episodes in the order they are filmed, just forgot. I hope everyone enjoys the show tonight, even with Katya.


    • I’m glad the preview was able to help! And this time around was actually even odder than usual, because in the past we’ve had a better sense of the episodes as they’re being filmed but they’ve been extremely tight-lipped this season. We didn’t even realize that the 4th episode filmed was going to be the first to air until the press release went up! And alas, more name-dropping of Katya with no resolution. Hopefully, it’ll come sooner rather than later!


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