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Dear Mr. Gemmill: An Open Letter in Defense of Competent Deeks

Let me start this letter by thanking you for your great work over the years in bringing us Martin Atticus Deeks, the best character on television. He’s the best in no small part due to his complexity. He’s no paper cut-out, but an incredibly layered personality. Unfortunately, sometimes the writers lose track of all his different characteristics, and one in particular, whom we like to call Competent Deeks, occasionally goes missing. Competent Deeks’ complete absence from this week’s episode has prompted us to write this letter. We wanted to share with you why we think this version of Deeks sometimes disappears, and why it’s so important that he always finds his way into the show.

Marty Deeks is a complex guy. I once wrote a year-long series about Deeks and Densi fan fiction that explored the different aspects of his character. For example, we all know Funny Deeks and Sexy Deeks, but there’s also Dark Deeks (AKA Max Gentry), Direct Deeks (the one who ever so occasionally says what he means), Mysterious Deeks (the reason we need “Deeks, M.”) and even Surfer Deeks. Each writer gravitates toward one or more of his qualities, and the way they see him – their own personal mix – creates their unique version of the character.

My personal Deeks is represented in the pie graph here, but each fan – and each of the show’s writers – has his or her own special formula. Regardless of any one person’s mix, it’s safe to say that Competent Deeks is a man who’s pretty universally beloved by Deeks fans.

Competent Deeks is canon. Deeks may be “just a cop,” but we know he’s great at his job. He can shoot- he’s no sniper like Kensi, but he holds his own at the range and always takes out his share of bad guys in a real firefight. He can fight- just watch him fend off eight men single-handedly in “An Unlocked Mind.” He’s highly intelligent, “remembers things,” has a law degree and passed the most difficult bar exam in the country. And he can play the widest variety of undercover characters of anyone on the team.

Sure, when he first started working as the LAPD Liaison, he lacked familiarity with military subjects. He doesn’t speak ten different languages like everyone else on the team or know how to hotwire a car. He’s had to do some catch-up with federal law enforcement level classwork. But his lack of knowledge doesn’t mean he’s not capable; if anything, it should drive home how strong his innate talents must have been to allow him to keep up with the team.

Competent Deeks takes his work seriously. Very seriously. Yes, Funny Deeks is great at making wisecracks to cut the tension in a dangerous situation, but when the actual shooting starts, he’s deadly serious. Does anyone really think that Hetty, Sam and Callen would have allowed him to continue working with them if they didn’t think he was good at his job, and know that he could keep his partner and everyone else safe?

Competent Deeks can disappear. Unfortunately, Competent Deeks sometimes fades into the background in favor of a Deeks who’s less than good at his job. Of course, we all make mistakes. No one is perfect, certainly not Deeks. It’s one of the things that makes him the most real of all the show’s characters. So a Deeks who can’t take Sam in a fight (“Hand-to-Hand”), or fails to take the shot in “The Frozen Lake” or “Omni,” or puts a witness in danger (“Pro Se”), or lets Rountree nearly get himself blown up (“Fortune Favors the Brave”), is nothing if not human.

The problems come when Deeks’ mistakes are used in the pursuit of humor. We’re talking about getting kicked in the nom de plumes not once (“History), but twice (“Big Brother”), and possibly even a third time (during a fight in “Provenance”). Or not being able to assemble his weapon blindfolded (“War Crimes”). Or shouting “Serpentine!” as he slowly weaves his bike after a suspect before crashing into a truck (“High Value Target”). Or trying on a bathrobe and raiding a hotel minibar while Kensi focuses on the case (“Hail Mary“). We’ve heard that in “Black Budget,” Deeks was actually scripted to chow down on some chips from a crime scene, but the NCIS advisor on-set wouldn’t allow such unprofessional behavior. We’re glad someone was looking out for Competent Deeks.

His incompetence may also happen outside of the job, like losing the box that held everything he always wanted (“The Heist”). Or it may come not from something he does but from the way he’s treated by others, like Bates sending him to sit in the dog pound at LAPD (“Party Crashers”). I could go on.

Actually, I will go on, because the most recent episode, “Love Kills,” contained a plethora of examples. Deeks is out of breath on a run through the woods? This is the guy who regularly jogs miles at a time along the beach with Kensi. He gets pummeled sparring, really? Deeks has more than a decade of time fighting bad guys when his life depended on it, and he trains with Sam and Kensi every day to learn to better protect himself. We’ve seen him handle himself in a fight. In fact, we were introduced to him that way (“Hand-to-Hand”), and he managed to hold his own, and use quite a few nifty MMA moves on his larger opponent. Falling asleep, really? I don’t think Deeks could have looked less competent, though at least he completed his assignment. This is a man who can spend hours awake on a stake-out or a stressful overseas mission, and we’re to believe he couldn’t hold it together long enough to complete a day of training? The inept Deeks of “Love Kills” appears to be a danger to himself and others in the field; he might need to consider a desk job somewhere.

The most painful thing about watching these scenes is how they were played for humor, with Deeks seeming to take it all in good fun by making jokes. We know deep down, he was likely upset, but he didn’t appear to be, to the instructor, or probably to some segments of the audience. And while Deeks does make jokes when he’s nervous, the idea that he’d be unable to behave with more self-control, that he’d be unable to project a high level of professionalism in front of his instructor and fellow students, is in itself a form of incompetence. He was unrecognizable from the somber, serious man of the previous episode who earned his spot at FLETC with his performance at his interview and by the content of his character.

Competence matters. A lot. There are two reasons these small moments have a large impact. First, they feel disrespectful to the character (and honestly, maybe a little lazy). They send fans the message that Deeks isn’t really fit for his job, that he actually doesn’t take it seriously. For example, Deeks would never fail a bomb disposal class (“Spiral”); he’d want to learn how to protect his team and innocent civilians, he’d want to be able to contribute more to the team, and he would never want to let them down. Particularly when Sam, Callen and Kensi rarely make mistakes, and never do so for laughs, it singles Deeks out as the only one who isn’t qualified to be there, who’s only permitted to stay because of the charity of his teammates who put up with him. No wonder there are some fans of the show who dislike Deeks for not being serious enough.

The second reason competence matters has to do with another Deeks: Doubting Deeks. This is the Deeks who has low self-esteem, thanks in no small part to his abusive father. He’s always waiting for the other shoe to drop and never expects anything in his life to have a happy ending. He doesn’t see himself the way we do, as strong and capable, but instead as the worthless person his father told him he was, the one who’s responsible when things go wrong. Doubting Deeks will likely never feel as good about himself as he should- that’s just a part of who he is. We may need to accept his doubting nature, but those doubts shouldn’t be made worse by incompetence.

Yet in “Love Kills,” the scene where he shares with Kensi all that he’s lost is Doubting Deeks being made to feel totally incompetent. It remains to be seen how his situation is resolved, but even if Hetty swoops in like the fairy godmother she is and makes this problem go away, Deeks will always believe he didn’t earn his spot. He’ll always assume Kensi must be disappointed in him. And if the team finds out, he’ll be humiliated, even if for a change they’re kind enough not to mock him for it. Deeks may be the most human of characters, and the scene is amazing for the vulnerability he shows, but building it off of earlier ones that don’t ring true isn’t fair to him.

Funny Deeks is still Competent Deeks. Eric Christian Olsen is a great actor and a skilled comedian. He – and you – brought impressive levels of humor to his role as Deeks, and we wouldn’t want him any other way. Listen to how Eric described the development of his character when we interviewed him at the start of Season 10:

…they didn’t know, I think, what the future held for Deeks… But I think that is – and this is what’s great about our writers – as they realized that so much of my sensibilities were comical, especially for defusing situations, and as we did more research about guys in this situation, and my brother was a former SEAL, and when things go dreadfully wrong a lot time these guys go to that place to defuse the tension. So we used that as a tactic for sure with Deeks. And you need that in a show with this, it has to have that balance. I think that humor disarms, and as you look at these episodes, you can’t just have things blowing up and people being serious. There has to be a) the human element, there has to be comedy, and we want to invite these people into our homes every week. So they realized that that was kind of a strong point for me, so they just really kind of doubled down on the comedy into the second and third season… Even that though, if we look at the evolution of the character, it was more that he was kind of the butt of the joke. He was more of a clown for like two or three seasons, ‘cause they didn’t know kind of what that looked like. And then it’s a small and slow evolution to kind of where it is now… That took a lot of work, to kind of be like, ‘Why- you know, we have to find the balance of being a great agent [see, ECO loves Competent Deeks too!] but also being able to carry these comedy runners and all the stuff they were doing in Seasons 2 and 3.

I think it’s true that Competent Deeks went missing more frequently earlier on, and as a result Deeks experienced more – and harder-edged – mocking from the team about his abilities. Over time, he’s elevated his skills and has definitely earned his teammates’ respect. Just listen to Sam’s words to him before his FLETC interview in “Overdue” for recent evidence.

The thing is, Deeks can still be plenty hilarious while doing as great a job as everyone else. As ECO described, he jokes to cut tension. His doubting nature leads to adorable rambles. He’s prone to dabbling in fringe ideas that do deserve some mocking from the team, as do embarrassing details from his earlier years. And best of all, he wittily teases and banters and usually gets the better of his partner/wife. In other words, he can still supply more than his share of humor without being made to look inept. Funny Deeks and Competent Deeks should be able to co-exist.

The best character on TV. We wanted to write this letter because we obviously care about this character. We want to see him treated well. We want to see him get his happily ever after. There’s one more Deeks I haven’t mentioned, and that’s Underdog Deeks. This is the Deeks who brings humanity to the show. He’s the real, flawed man on a team of near-superheroes. He’s vulnerable. He’s overcome a great deal of trauma to achieve so much. He makes us root for him. And there’s no reason he can’t be happy, learn to believe in himself just a little bit more, and do a great job taking down the bad guys in the process.

Karen P.

Acknowledgments: Thanks to Diane and psyched1328 for editing, and to psyched1328, Mashmaiden/Phnxgirl, and Sweet Lu for their assistance with research. Their opinions are their own and may or may not be reflected here.

Don’t be shy, everyone! Tell us your thoughts about Competent Deeks in the Comments below.

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79 Comments on Dear Mr. Gemmill: An Open Letter in Defense of Competent Deeks

  1. Wow Karen, I am impressed..your article is so true and spot on…watching Deeks in that last episode was hard to watch, because we know how strong, physically he really is..I think sometimes they go a little overboard in making him looking incompetent…I wish his teammates stood up for him a little more..but have to say they did in last episode..Still think rountree and Fatima get to much time and don’t bring a lot to the show, enjoyed Sabatino , than you..Love ,Love NCIS LA❤️

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  2. I agree with everything you said Karen.
    This has been my frustration with the writers for a while now and as I mentioned in another post I am on the verge of not watching this show anymore. I promised myself I would not watch the episode and would just read your review of it.
    Reading now this letter tells me that I did the right thing. If the writers really made Deeks appear completely unprofessional when he is unemployed, can’t afford a house and his wife is being hunted by a psychopath, then I am really at a loss for words …
    If Gemmill really understood Deeks, he would know that he would rather die in the training course than let Kensi down or not have her back. He would absolutely crawl to the finish line if he had to rather than give up… Based on your letter they just made him someone completely incompetent, indifferent and unprofessional which he is not …
    I am really at a loss here …

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    • Karen, this is a wonderfully written letter an I couldn’t agree more with you. Thank you for expressing what all his fans are feeling. Deeks is the reason I watch the show and will continue to do so.

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  3. Great letter, Karen. I wish I could have helped more, but as usual you knocked it out of the park. That last episode disappointed me, simply because it didn’t ring true. There were so many ways to write Deeks going through FLETC training, and I was surprised they opted to show him as an old geezer laboring to do the simplest tasks…like running. Seriously? He isn’t that old. The least they could have done was to give us a balanced look at what he is going through. All we got was one sentence when he told Kensi he had killed it at the gun range. Why couldn’t we have seen that? I’m hoping they give us something positive in the next episode. I was so up after Overdue, only to watch them make fun of Deeks abilities in the very next episode. Wish I could understand why, but don’t at the moment. Fingers crossed they give us something positive coming up, or maybe they are just going to let him take Artie and disappear into the dark corners of Los Angeles, forever known as the lawyer/cop and “almost” NCIS agent who failed. Deeks doesn’t deserve that, but it might make a good dream/nightmare sequence after a long hard day at FLETC.

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  4. Catherine Betham // January 12, 2021 at 10:23 AM // Reply

    100% ENDORSED!!
    I think fans have a right to defend beloved characters. Many shows and characters have been saved by fans speaking out. There is one question I have: Where was ECO in all this. We know he is the king of improv. Did he think the scenes were ok? Or was he mailing it in except for that last scene? While it is right to question the writers/TPTB, etc., I think some of the blame needs to shine on Eric as well. He has been passionate about this character in past interviews. I would love to know what he thought of this episode.
    Thanks Karen for your efforts.


  5. You are SO right in everything you said. I couldn’t BELIEVE how INcompetent they were making Deeks out to be. I, like you, kept flashing back to Season 7’s “Unlocked Mind” when he took on that room full of men all by himself. He couldn’t handle the guy at FLETC? Or running the trail? Come on! Deeks should be at the top of his class with all the experience he has!

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  6. Well, it seems I have made a good decision not to watch the show. Deeks already doesn’t get the respect he’s due- even from the newbies who, themselves, seem to bring very little to the show. It doesn’t help when writers depict him as less than worthy of everyone. This affliction isn’t new though. He’s always been the one the others look down on, with the exception of a small handful of episodes.

    I have to wonder, though, for this season, when ECO asked for a lighter schedule due to the birth of his daughter, did he also ask for Deeks to lose his job, get kicked out of FLETC , and so on, because of his personal stances? Though he plays the character, Deeks is Deeks and is different than ECO. I hope that this is a moot point and one has nothing to do with the other and that there is actually something positive about to happen for the character. One can dream, though I’m no longer watching new episodes, I still care about the character.

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  7. Brava!

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    • Marilena Carlino // January 14, 2021 at 6:49 PM // Reply

      Congratulations for the letter! I 100% approve. I am a Densi Italian Fans. I believe that the show, our favorite series, is already deteriorating in quality since Season 10. Few ideas from the authors. Less and less action and very simple cases solved too quickly. Season 12 is really absurd. After 11 years of Deeks being part of the Team and dealing with terrorists, psychopaths, assassins of all kinds, to become an Agent he has to do the FLECT?? It would be more credible if he were the instructor, with all the experience accumulated over all these years. I think that If Eric Christian Olsen has other commitments (rightly so) and will be less visible in the season, the writers could have come up with something better. Maybe a dangerous undercover mission. And then make him return as a hero. I hate the latest version of Deeks. Please …. I ask the authors to make Deeks a good agent again. As it has been in these 11 years. Thank you very much Wikideeks for your wonderful work. Greetings from Italy

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  8. Oh my goodness YES!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for nailing it on the head and saying something about it!!

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  9. I agreed with this letter 100 percent.As a viewer i am angry at the showrunner and the writers/producers.ECO/Deeks is the reason i starting watching the show and it is way i still watch it.I miss Shane i think he loved the character of Deeks and ECO.He respected the character.I feel like that is missing now.Is it jealous or what going on or egos or what?My question is is there anyway you can get this letter to the showrunner?If something doesn’t change i don’t believe i can continue to watch them destroy my favorite character and the densi.What is really going on bts?

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    • Is there a way to not only get this letter to TPTB but to ECO himself? I guess by tweeting/ instagram him…anyway to maybe open HIS eyes a bit about fan reception to all of this (if in case he influenced/ thought it was good)?

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  10. Debra Gillespie // January 12, 2021 at 1:29 PM // Reply

    Hi Karen – I just have three words-
    You go, girl!

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  11. I think I am one of the most optimistic commenters, but now I think I was just naive. I really believed this season things were going to change, and Deeks was going to get the respect he deserved. I was so pleased he had a storyline, ‘Deekscentric’ episodes are always good aren’t they? I was even looking forward to the reviews of ‘Love Kills’. I saw the pictures. I feel cheated. Thank you Karen, I agree 100% with every word.

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  12. Elaine Conway // January 12, 2021 at 2:24 PM // Reply

    Karen, I love this letter. It saves me from writing a lengthy comment. I understand that Deeks could have trouble keeping up with people 20 years younger than himself, but he’s in much better condition than they portrayed him to be. Also, for the past few episodes he’s been down in the dumps and depressed about his job situation. I don’t think after Hetty went to bat for him, his team obviously talked him up to the NCIS representative, and he defended himself with his impassioned speech he would act like a buffoon when he finally got his chance. And there’s no way he would have fallen asleep in the car. It didn’t seem that any of the other candidates were still around so why would he have stayed there in the first place. This was all silly and lazy humor. So disappointing. Like I said last week, the writers are one trick ponies and I think they proved me right this week. I also haven’t given up on the go to crotch kick. They could still take one out and dust it off for next week.

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    • Im afraid they might do worse to him.I really don’t believe the producers want Deeks to be a special agent the way they write him lately.Like he not good enough or something.which is totally rubbish.Don’t what going on but don’t like it at all.But i do know i don’t to make it worse for ECO and his character.

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  13. Karen, great job putting this together. Thank you for speaking up for Marty Deeks , the character, and for giving us fans a voice.

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  14. Vivian Ferreira da Costa // January 12, 2021 at 3:48 PM // Reply

    Só posso aplaudir essa carta aberta. Você disse tudo o que nós, fãs do Deeks, pensamos sobre o que estão fazendo com esse personagem tão querido.
    Amo ver o Deeks, ele é a razão principal pela qual assisto o NCIS Los Angeles e odeio vê-lo sendo depreciado.
    Quero ver o lado mais íntimo do Deeks dentro do que ele realmente é, um homem forte, protetor, doce, carinhoso e cheio de charme.
    Obrigada por nos dar voz.

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    • Translation per google: I can only applaud this open letter. You said everything that we Deeks fans think about what they are doing with this beloved character. I love to see Deeks, he is the main reason I watch NCIS Los Angeles and I hate to see him being disparaged. I want to see Deeks’ most intimate side inside of what he really is, a strong, protective, sweet, caring and charming man. Thank you for giving us a voice.

      Obrigada Vivian!


  15. Bravo Karen, your skill with words is outstanding and if anyone was to pen this letter I am so glad it was you. Martinez’s words to him at the end of the agent interview “Most importantly it is extremely rare for someone to speak out about something that is wrong no matter the consequences”. When no one else speaks out, Deeks does, as we saw many times (with Mosley especially) he is rebuked for doing so.
    I am fed up seeing him portrayed as the class clown and treated as such even by his team mates. He is loyal to a fault to his friends and team mates. He might not be able to speak 12 languages but his undercover skills are oustanding and have saved the day so many times.
    I really hope that these writers take note, Deeks is a cherished character and thy should treat him as such.
    Thank you for taking the time to write this masterpiece

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  16. I do have one small quibble: every member of the team is flawed…Deeks is the only one who owns his own weaknesses and works to mitigate them. Callen is deeply flawed in many ways, as are Sam and Kensi. But they all deflect and deny, which makes them (in my view) major vulnerabilities on a mission. If Deeks is seen as so weak, why does he never really go off the rails like the others do? They did show Kensi as being somewhat mortal in the pre-Deeks days, but all that went by the wayside when they got Shaggy to pick on (and Beale to a lesser degree). Deeks has flaws, but he’s also the most grounded of all the characters. Even Owen Granger gave him respect after a time…something you didn’t always see him do with the other characters.

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  17. charithravine // January 12, 2021 at 5:58 PM // Reply

    Yes, 100%, yes! I have been following your site for year, but have never commented until today because I want to join with fans to affirm EVERYTHING you mentioned to the show’s writers and producers. Well said and 100% agree!

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  18. “”Overdue” was one of the best episodes ever for Deeks as he eloquently got a chance to shine as a truly strong character and teammate to the NCIS family. How sad to see him be defamed one week later! It was difficult to watch. He gets into FLETC only to appear to be an old washed up cop. Even Sabatino makes a comment about him getting a senior discount. Why all of a sudden is his age such a factor to everyone when he is surrounded by much older teammates in Sam and Callen! His 11 years with the team should have been weighed heavily in making him an agent as during those years he worked side by side with the others and learned the ins and outs of the trade first hand. He is more than qualified to be an agent!
    If they do not make him an agent I will stop watching the show. Deeks is the glue that holds this show together. And I agree with the others that Fatima and Roundtree add very little to the show. They actually add to it being more disjointed.

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  19. As usual, great post and great insight into Deeks’ character. Sometimes, I have no idea where the writers are coming from and why their scripts are approved. Deeks isn’t that old. I thought his character was supposed to be in his late 30s now. I was young when I went through the academy but one of my classmates was a retired firefighter in his early 40s. He kept up and, believe me, we had a lot of physical training on top of bookwork and situational training. He never appeared to have a problem keeping up with us and there is absolutely no reason Deeks would have one–the physical training is tough but not that tough for one who works out a lot. Not sure what their reasoning is–I do know that reality really doesn’t play a big part in trying to make an interesting television series. Police work (and NCIS work) is pretty boring most of the time and involves more paperwork than it does fighting and shooting–a lot more. I always suspend belief when I watch these shows. That way I can enjoy them and stop shaking my head for 60 minutes. Still, it would be nice if they would be true to the Deeks we love and enjoy. I hope the showrunners see this and take positive action but I’m not holding my breath. It’s almost like a letter Hetty would write. You make a great case for “Mr. Deeks.”

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    • Hi Mistri,
      I found somewhere their supposed birthdates (not sure if accurate or not). So i will just put here since you questioned Deeks’ age:
      Callen – March 11, 1970
      Sam – January 14, 1972
      Kensi – July 29, 1982
      Deeks – January 8, 1979
      So that makes Callen 51 years old, Sam 49, Deeks 42 and Kensi ~39

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    • The Topiary Cow // January 13, 2021 at 2:14 PM // Reply

      Hi Mistri, great points!

      Agree a suspension of disbelief is required, not only for paperwork (really, they shoot multiple people dead then go strolling off without a care? No IA investigation, no paperwork, no confined to desk duty afterwards?) but also…..

      Reality is: LA traffic! and even if they could get there in a few hours, there wouldn’t be any parking, not like they always slide into! These trips would take hours up the 405!

      But also, if Deeks were going to FLETC, he would have been preparing physically for months, having him trailing behind on the running was completely unrealistic! Yes, he’s already a runner, but he would have trained even harder before school!!!

      Really, I wonder if there is some reason the writers hate him!!! ??? !!!

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  20. Exactly what the rest of the fans are thinking. Great job.

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  21. He’s just hot as hell and is so talented he’s the reason I watch the show
    G great sense of humor and at the same time be so serious great letter and review and it’s on my bucket list to meet him one day

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  22. On reflection it seems ‘Love Kills’ was the biggest own goal in the history of NCIS;LA. I write as someone who has refused to hear a word against the writers, but it makes me fear for the future of the show. Although it is fiction, it has to be believable. Of all Deeks perceived flaws, unfitness is not one, just look at the guy. Not believable. Of all the episodes needing to show Deeks skills, this was it. I’ve seen the picture of Deeks with his NCIS ‘creds’, he doesn’t look happy. If Hetty pulled strings to get those ‘creds’ it makes Deeks a cheat and that doesn’t bear thinking about. It would be unbelievable. We don’t know how it ends, but I’m not optimistic. The storyline had so much potential. It’s difficult to see how they can come back from this. Nobody wants to see Deeks as an infallible robot, there’s enough of those on the team, Deeks is the counterpoint. I hope they haven’t taken Deeks too far down the road of incompetence that we can’t get the real Deeks back.

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    • Hi Patricia! I’m curious, when you said “I’ve seen the picture of Deeks with his NCIS ‘creds” what pic were you referring to? Thank you!


      • Hi r2d2c2! It was on Instagram, several times. It looks as if is at the end of ‘A Fait Accompli’ Deeks is with Kensi, looking very sad (Deeks is looking sad not Kensi). I think Hetty was on the screen. He’s holding up what appears to be NCIS credentials with his name on. I think I’m going to have to stop looking at spoilers. Hope this makes sense.

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    • The Topiary Cow // January 13, 2021 at 2:20 PM // Reply

      Hi Patricia,

      I couldn’t even watch this episode without fast-forwarding. It was not true to Deeks.

      Who wrote this anyway? Have the Russians taken over the writers room? Is there an alien infecting writers brains when they go to sleep, turning them into pod-people! Are they now BrainDead?

      Agree with you, it was not believable!!! Only way they can fix this for me is for Deeks to wake up next episode and it was just a nightmare!!!

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  23. Karen P you go girl. You hit the nail on the head. I whole heartedly agree with what you had to say.

    Blessings in Christ always & forever,
    Cat G

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  24. I absolutely agree. It is unfortunate that writers don’t take their role in the death of a show seriously enough to stand up for the core values the character has built. I’m struggling to believe that if something similar had occurred with Gibbs having to retrain for whatever reason, that the writers would so completely derail Gibbs. Yet if NCIS LA starts to fail, the writers won’t see how writing the character so completely off from his standard is responsible for the falling ratings. And in this business, rating is everything, while fans count for zip.

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    • The Topiary Cow // January 13, 2021 at 2:27 PM // Reply

      Hi Laurel, You are right that the writers need to take responsibility for killing a show and alienating the fans.

      They jumped the shark for sure with this episode.

      Deeks, we see him running on the beach, working out in the gym! Also, every academy now admits a range of candidates: some young, some men, some women, some older. The cutoff for the academy where I work is age 60. Many of them outperform the younger ones because of mental toughness.

      The writers missed the boat here. Deeks’ real-world experience would have made him a star at the training, his humor would have been welcomed, and his fitness would have surpassed most if not all, recruits.

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  25. I agree patricia, we can see how physically fit he is , this was the time to make deeks shine…he once said on comic con, , that fans also how a big imput, or at least take in account what writers do..let’s see if they are listening…

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    • Stacie Stewart // January 13, 2021 at 8:47 AM // Reply

      I am so glad you wrote this, and I almost think you were too nice about it! Seeks used to have an “edge” and was cunningly sarcastic, but not silly. My husband always complains that no agency would let such a buffoon continue to work there. Deeks is never the one who saves the day, but the opportunity arises often. For instance, when he and Kensi worked with Sabatino in that modular unit (I can’t find the episode) and Sabatino gave Deeks a really hard time. He could have come up with the exit strategy, taken a kill shot to save Sabatino, ( like he did for Caleb in “All the King’s Men”) or something heroic. Instead, he lived down to his reputation and had to rely on others. I’d like to see the nerve he had when Deeks faces down Lasik. He is long overdue!

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      • Deeks has actually saved the day a couple of times…once for Kensi and once for Sam. And in both cases he came out of his hospital bed to do so. I would have to say in terms of raw moral courage he’s the bravest person on that whole team.

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  26. Once again Ms. Karen P. hit the very center of the target. Every word of your letter is spotless! Thank you for that. You saved me from writing it all down in the comment somewhere on this site.
    Knowing in advance what was going on with Deeks at FLETC, I felt ashamed of him for the first time. Actually, I was not ashamed of him but of the way he has been written and I was ashamed of myself for wanting so desperately to fast forward the scenes where he was shown as whiny and disrespectful (sleeping during the exercise in forensics, really!!).
    Honestly, it was painful to watch and I must admit that it was easier for me to accept that he killed Boyle than to accept him behaving like this, and for the first time I am not looking forward to the next episode!

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    • The Topiary Cow // January 13, 2021 at 2:30 PM // Reply

      Maria, I’m with you, only, I DID fast forward! This episode was dreadful!

      And, I’m not looking forward to the next episode either, unless there is a news bulletin that the writers have admitted the April Fools Day episode was shown last week by mistake! 🙂


  27. Karen your article is so spot on, I couldn’t have said it any better. We all know that Deek is competent and I am not sure why the writers decided to go down that route with his character. This is my favorite show of all times and I really do not like how they started 2021. Hope this doesn’t change the characters that we love about Deeks.

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  28. Virginiapauline // January 13, 2021 at 6:31 AM // Reply

    I root for Deeks. Great letter.

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  29. David Smiesko // January 13, 2021 at 6:33 AM // Reply

    Great review and insight to Deeks and such a complete opposite to him in “Overdue”.
    I would like to add these thoughts to your very fine assessment of the problem I am seeing with NCIS LA:

    After I watched the NCIS Los Angeles “Love Kills” again, I have a few concerns
    about the episode and why would:
    1. Sabatino who is a CIA agent (a civilian foreign intelligence service) which are not supposed to work on U.S. soil but he is doing it as the CIA has no law enforcement function and is officially mainly focused on overseas intelligence gathering, with only limited domestic intelligence collection.
    2. Kensi goes in with Sabatino (illegally) to try and capture the counterfeiters without backup from her team.
    3. Deeks knows he is struggling with the FLETC training and all Kensi can do is say there is no crying at FLETC? She doesn’t give him any real encouragement although you can see she was concerned by his words. Maybe she should have remembered when she was in physical therapy and Deeks was nothing but supportive?
    4. FLETC is training for federal agents and what rules they are supposed to follow, which Kensi and Sabatino clearly did not follow by entering the building without a search warrant.

    It’s all in the writing with this kind of show (procedural drama) and it seems like they have forgotten their roots.
    I’ll refer you to Densi Moments 2×23 from a post I have on the FB NCIS Los Angeles Fans page.

    Again a great job of voicing our concerns about Deeks and the whole NCIS LA franchise.

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    • The Topiary Cow // January 13, 2021 at 3:01 PM // Reply

      Hi David, Excellent analysis, you are spot on!

      CIA is not allowed to operate in the US. A 5 second wikipedia check would have given the writers that info. Very sloppy.

      And Sabatino, operating illegally, is allowed walk in and be afforded all the cooperation and respect never given to Deeks.

      This show, as you say, is all about the writing. Having these new characters Sabatino, Fatima and Rountree flow on in while Deeks, a 10-year TEAM MEMBER is struggling and is made to qualify in beginner’s school, is awful. Why don’t they utilize ECO’s unique talents (looks, comedic timing, dramatic intensity) and use them instead of consigning him to the garbage bin?

      Also, what bugs me: if there were this absolute rule on age for entry into NCIS, couldn’t somebody have at-least-mentioned that to Deeks sometime in the last 10 years!

      I’m disappointed in this episode and the apparent direction of the writers in making Deeks incompetent.

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  30. This, every word, was on point! Well said, well documented, perfectly expressed frustration. Well done1👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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  31. To put it Simple PLEASE DON’T TAKE OUR DEEKS AWAY.

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  32. I totally agree with what Ms. Karen P. wrote. Deeks was concerned with going to FLETC. He knew he would be up against a lot of challenges. He also knew he would give it his best try in every challenge. Not only for himself but for the respect he wants from his wife and fellow teammates who themselves went through these challenges. It was disheartening and disconcerting to see Deeks depicted as less than capable in the brief scenes of his training. It was disrespectful to a character who showed courage and endurance while being tortured for the sake of Sam and Sam’s wife’s safety. The writer’s need to make it up to Deeks for writing such a disparaging episode to his character. I truly look forward seeing Deeks vindicated.

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    • The Topiary Cow // January 13, 2021 at 2:47 PM // Reply

      Well said. I agree with all your points. The writers will have some work to do to dig out of this hole. Absolutely, Deeks would have prepared and been prepared!


  33. Jenny Salonga // January 13, 2021 at 9:31 AM // Reply

    Next Deeks will kick ass and even show the instructor a thing or 2

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  34. Thank you for writing out what I’ve been thinking! I’m so disappointed in this season. It was bad enough that they just blew off the fact that Deeks has been thinking about leaving for the last few seasons, but to then have him be a complete failure that Hetty has to save is too much. They could have had him grappling with the decision to move on or try to stay. Then use Kensi being stalked to decide to stay. So many ways they could have better written this season. I just don’t think I can even watch next week. The show just isn’t fun anymore.

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  35. whiteallnight15 // January 13, 2021 at 3:07 PM // Reply

    I agree with pretty much everything you wrote Competent!Deeks is my favorite all the time He’s a lawyer who it looks like got there with little or no help despite his the abusing childhood . He is fine with being disliked by some cops because he is doing the right thing. This is someone who was working long-term undercover cases for LAPD alone and worked those cases well enough to catch Hetty’s eye. Was able to prove himself for all the team members that he has everybody’s back and can carry himself. Deeks is somehow fearless and cool in his interaction with everybody.ECO is an incredible actor, and he’s so much more than just the comedy the show so many times sticks him with. He can be hilarious for sure but some of his emotional scenes have been incredible.

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  36. The Topiary Cow // January 13, 2021 at 3:15 PM // Reply


    Love the pie chart! Great insights.

    It never fails to amaze me when a show has a standout cast member who is so amazing, yet they sideline him or leave him stuck in small parts.

    The reason I watch is ECO’s different look, comedy, amazing verbal flair, and ability to hold my interest whether it is a comedic scene, a dramatic scene, or just watching him sit in Mosely’s Porsche with his sunglasses on!

    I never watch cop shows and it was ECO’s (very different) look and his obvious fun with delivering complex lines that made me stick around and watch. Almost equally fascinating, fun, and intriguing to watch are Barrett Foa and Renee F… yet they remain in small parts.

    If the producers were smart they would give the three of them their own show, let Deeks run the place in some capacity, and make room for their talents and improvisation.

    There is nothing wrong with Sam and Callen…but they aren’t magic. Not like ECO.

    And yes, we want more smart, capable Deeks, and more scope for ECO’s unique talents, not to have him mired in a ‘loser’ part.

    Writers need to step it up!

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    • OMG.I’ve been dreaming of a show like you say since S5. It really worked I thought.I’m interested in various shows, but there is no male character like Deeks.Maybe Humphrey in “Death in Paradise” was a bit similar, but Deeks is much more attractive, and his typical way of speaking and gesturing is special.He didn’t have the opportunity to stand out more than other field agents, but He always has been successful even in small scene.Nowadays,he has a lot of fans and Densi is especially popular.Unfortunately,They sometimes treat Deeks as incompetent and never show him on the cover art.That’s why I always grateful to ECO.
      I agreed with your comment and absolutely enjoyed it. Thank you!

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      • The Topiary Cow // January 14, 2021 at 6:01 PM // Reply

        Hi Tess, thank you for great feedback! yep, ECO could create a great show, if they let him. There are few magical leading men around right now and he is definitely one who could. Ahhhh, we can only dream!


  37. Great article, Karen! I haven’t read the comments yet, because I didn’t want to forget what I want to say, so I hope I’m not being too repetitive in what I’m about to add.

    What’s most striking to me is that we would never comment about Competent Kensi, Sam, or Callen because that’s their default setting. It’s unusual when they’re anything less than stellar (Sam in particular, who–did you hear?–is a legend among men and SEALs). On the one hand, maybe Deeks as a character is better/so beloved because he does have all of these elements; perhaps more than the rest of the main characters. Because there’s more breadth to his character, we can say things like, “Nice to see Sexy Deeks again” or “Ooh, I’ve missed Surfer Deeks” when we see them. But we shouldn’t have to have a Competent Deeks persona as he only exists to discriminate from Incompetent Deeks. And Incompetent Deeks we see way too much. Eric Christian Olsen has the comedic chops to inject pitch-perfect humor to TPTB’s wonderful writing; Deeks doesn’t need to be incompetent to get the audience to laugh. Since we, and the other characters have gotten to know and respect him, the writers do him a disservice and insult us by so freqently making him look foolish. There are plenty of other ways to add such humor to Deeks’ character if it really is necessary–I enjoy watching him go over the top for an undercover role, as an example–without making him personally and professionally look like a buffoon.

    As you said Karen, Deeks’ final scene in this week’s “Love Kills” was “amazing for the vulnerability he shows” and to my mind, would have been just as powerful if Deeks had been shown struggling (I do understand he is older than the rest of the trainees), but not being made to look completely inept and like he doesn’t deserve to be at FLETC. Yes, I heard Deeks say that he “crushed it on the range today, which is awesome” (and it would have been, had we gotten to see it). But that’s not what I, most viewers, or Deeks will remember in the end because that’s not what we saw. That entire conversation would have been just as impactful had TPTB shown us some of Deeks succeeding, some of him struggling, and none of him being the court jester.

    The second-to-last paragraph of this article would have made a perfect TL;DR summary (for those who aren’t as passionate about this show and this character as we are), and I couldn’t have said it better, Karen. Thank you!

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  38. Hey everyone. I just wanted to pop in to say thank you for all your amazing comments. When writing this, I wasn’t sure what kind of reaction I’d get, I just knew how I felt. It’s incredibly encouraging to see such an outpouring support and passion for Deeks. Thanks to those of you who comment regularly here, and thanks to those of you who were inspired to do so for the first time.

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  39. Nutterbutter // January 13, 2021 at 5:57 PM // Reply

    Thank you for writing out what I’ve been thinking As we and the team have oriented ourselves to the lightness and fun Deeks offers but Competent and hurt Deeks is my favorite of all the times like in “Personal” we’re taken to a deeper level and a look at who Deeks is as a man Loved the way he came out of the hospital at the end and shot the bad guys to protect Kensi Deeks was so in his own head he is haunted by and overcomes adverse life experiences. it is here in “Personal” that his characteristic demeanor is simply a protective façade. As masterful as he is at infusing humor into serious situations & self-aggrandizing, he is equally skilled at self-berating.
    Also in both “Descent”&”Ascension” he shows how competent he was despite what he went through both physically and mentally with the conversation with kensi or sam misjudging & underestimates him he saved Sam from drowning as Deeks at his best and most loyal, throwing himself into that pool to save a man who had ridiculed him only hours before.and then saved the day after the ordeal he went through.
    There is also Competent and hurt Deeks showed very well in “The frozen lake” This episode showed how competent he was, not only as an undercover, but as a fighter in a tough situation.He saved the day all by himself with a little help from his partner. Loved his strength and commitment and for taking that final shot.
    There is also Competent and hurt Deeks showed very well in both “Spoils of war” and season 9 final despite he was emotionally involved and appeared as if was over his head. Deeks! In the end it was brains that saved the day and not brawn. Deeks proves there is always another way out other than resorting to violence.and this is also was shown in “Deep Trouble”.
    Honestly, he’s the reason why I fell in love with NCISLA. I love the whole regular cast and the balance of comedy, drama and action that past seasons were known for, but Deeks will always be a main reason why this show became my favorite.I understand that Deeks could have trouble keeping up with people younger than himself but he has more field experience,and physical training than any one in FLETC . I thought they would sent him there only for formality not destroy his pride and lose his self esteem

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  40. Carmela Giordano // January 13, 2021 at 6:37 PM // Reply

    Bravo Karen you hit the nail on the head describing the fantastic actor that ECO is. Deeks is the main reason I watch NCIS LA I adore all the original cast but he so real and so familiar in so many ways it impossible to not route for him. I must agree in the final scene in Love Kills he broke my heart. I would love to see Deeks leave the FLETC with his head held high, with his team mates waiting for him as he introduces himself as Agent Martin Deeks. LOVE ME MY DEEKS and the show. Thank you all the cast and crew


  41. Thank you for this. We care about Deeks because we know he is competent and oh so human. Underestimated but competent Deeks has been the theme of much of my favorite fanfiction for years. These days, it is okay for him to be underestimated by outsiders but not by the team. It is not okay for him to be shown to be less than competent. Why would anyone want Kensi to be with a loser? It is a slap in the face to all of us fans who have supported the show for so many years. On a better note, I would like to recommend nherbie’s story Truths, Candor and Healing Hearts. She gets Deeks’ FLETC story right.

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    • Beth J Hemmen // January 13, 2021 at 8:13 PM // Reply

      Betty, Thank you for mentioning Truths, Candor and Healing Hearts – I read this back in 2019 and have been looking for it to read it again ever since, but I couldn’t remember the name of the story.


  42. Thank you so much for sharing your great article.Most of the technical points have been written,so I completely agree with you. The existence of this site is really fortunate for all Deeks fans around the world.
    What I would like to clarify about Showrunner’s only positive comment on Deeks is that “he is a good person “since S9.Recently, I am a little annoyed because it portrays him more like he is a good person but “weak” rather than great humanity.It is not true. Not only does he have a huge heart.he also has enough physical and detective ability and more.I followed the NCISLA official Twitter account a few months ago,so immediately blocked it. I didn’t feel respect for Deeks there. Now I know I was right.
    I don’t know if I can write it here,The “Overdue” episode wasn’t enough reward for me as a long frustrating for unemployment Ark.I don’t believe the LAPD files haven’t rated him as a team player.
    Former Army officer and his boss Lt. Bates tried to bring him back to his team because he trusted Deeks.
    Detective Whiting acknowledges his honesty and investigative ability even though she knows he shot Detective Boyle.
    Of course,He sent a lot of colleagues to IA.However,Detective Versey thanked him.He told us that Deeks concerned and care about him when he had an alcohol problem.Then Versey called him “good cop”.
    I’m not happy for him to be an agent now,because the whole Ark just looks like he has no choice.LAPD also needs him. He can be a lawyer or magistrates. Become a private detective who owns the bar.
    Showrunner would have been able to steer the ship better if they respected Deeks’s assets and his contribution to the show.

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  43. So many excellent points, so eloquently put. I’m not sure there’s much more to say, but I’ll have a go. Trying to be a bit objective, not sure why I should, but hey ho.

    I thought ‘Love Kills’ was going to be in safe hands with R Scott Gemmill, but he dropped the ball, big time. In truth the writers have been fumbling since kick off, as has often been mentioned. When Deeks joined it was obvious they were going to ‘haze the newbie’, that’s what happens. From the start they were going to be suspicious of him, not going to show any respect. Maybe they held all of LAPD in contempt, maybe just Deeks. All to be expected. Deeks had skills, according to Bates anyway, his skills complemented his team mates. They were different and he acquitted himself admirably. He was smart, funny and brought a sparkle to the show. It was okay to show him falling short now and again, he was learning. So far so good.

    Moving on we learned more about him, we liked what we saw of Deeks. He did great things. He got shot, then saved Kensi, but it was his fault he got shot. Really? He went off to Romania, all of that. Still the newbie though, and the ‘hazing’ hadn’t stopped, and it was getting boring. If the writers wanted an incompetent Deeks they should have gone for it in Season 3. The boat sailed for inept Deeks with the finale of Season 4. They showed us a brave, kind, smart yet vulnerable Deeks. Showing us Dopey Deeks after all he went through, just doesn’t work. They’ve created a multi-faceted character and still don’t know what to do with him.

    In the current situation they’ve put Deeks through a great deal of stress, which has gone unacknowledged, and unexplored. He lost his job, which was more than an income to him, it was his career, his purpose. He risks losing his business, good people have broken under less strain. He wouldn’t be happy getting rid of his staff. I still don’t understand why none of his colleagues, so-called friends, appeared to offer any support. I had a fanfic rattling around my head, where Beale called into the bar to talk to Deeks. ‘Knock Down’ in reverse if you like. So it’s not surprising he struggled at FLETC. Ignoring the assumption in ‘Overdue’ that all he had to do was get into FLETC. Missed opportunities for some awesome stories here, not making sense.

    Then the denouement, they show us an unfit Deeks chasing a bunch of youngsters. This is the guy they routinely show looking damn fine in his workout gear, working out. Okay, they wanted comedy. Deeks in the countryside is funny. Deeks being more knowledgeable than his instructor would have been funny. The ‘conversation’ with Kensi would still have been powerful. He’s been railroaded into doing something deep down he probably didn’t want to do. He doesn’t do well without Kensi, of course he’s struggling.

    The thing is, early Deeks getting it wrong was okay. He was young, footloose, irreverent still learning etc etc. Today’s Deeks is experienced, married, a businessman, an employer, would-be father and so on. Showing him as incompetent just doesn’t work. We’re supposed to believe he would let Hetty down. Sorry, it doesn’t work for me.

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    • The Topiary Cow // January 14, 2021 at 6:10 PM // Reply

      Fantastic summary, Patricia! Some of the writers here, such as yourself, could pen a fantastic episode which would have been entertaining and true to the characters!


      • Oh Bless You! Topiary Cow, I’ve been referred to as many things but never a writer. Thank you, it’s made my day. I could go with ‘wannabe writer’, an opinionated wannabe writer. Seriously I’ve always resisted criticizing the writers because it’s not that easy. We’ve all got scenarios in our head, we know what we want to happen, and for the most part our stories are about Deeks. The writers have got others characters to consider. That said, Marty Deeks does seem to have dropped off the writers radar in recent seasons. He is such a complex character you would have thought they would enjoy writing for him. There are so many possibilities to make Deeks shine. They can do it for the others why not Deeks? There have been some awesome, heart breaking scenes with ECO/Deeks, can’t complain about that, but we do need a balance. Making him a clown doesn’t do it. If I want to see clowns I’ll go to the circus. Competent Deeks should just be a starting point.

        May your foliage flourish!


        • We’ve had discussions like this on a Miami Vice forum I frequent, and while others complain about the writers I usually toss the blame upwards (along with credit when they select a good story). It’s the producers and the like who tend to make those directional choices. Writers clearly make a major difference in how a character is shown and some of the arcs the plots take, but in the end it’s the show runners who decide what gets shot and what doesn’t. Writers will adjust to what they feel is in demand or what they’re told in the goal for an episode (or string of episodes), but in the they end they don’t really decide what airs.

          One nice thing about Vice we don’t have with NCIS LA is the show’s old enough there are a number of draft scripts kicking around so you can see what changed from what a writer had in mind to what made the final cut. Some of that stuff is really interesting.


  44. If we needed any more convincing that Deeks is honorable and of strong character, we shouldn’t forget the Gurkha episodes. Here’s a guy who’s from a strong warrior culture. You’d think he’d bond with Sam, right? No, it’s Deeks. And Deeks goes to bat for him with his own team and at the end of the day is right when the rest were wrong. Those are some of my favorite episodes only because of the relationship they develop between Deeks and Thapa. Two warriors in the classic sense meeting and bonding. The interview on this site alone makes that clear. And what they’re doing now feels like a betrayal of the Deeks Thapa respected so much.

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    • This is true. Another of Deeks’ talents that can’t be taught. He understands people, connects with people in a way the others can’t, regardless of whether he has anything in common with them or not. If the others make a connection it is like with like. As Kensi bonded with Astrid and Callen with every homeless kid. I’m thinking Ehsan, Eva the list is endless. Just can’t think of anymore right now.

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      • Another example: Internal Affairs, Deeks made friends with the thugs in the jail cell when Whiting expected him to be harassed/beaten.

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      • The Topiary Cow // January 14, 2021 at 6:14 PM // Reply

        Absolutely right, Thapa saw Deeks, respected him, so true. And true, Deeks connects with all.

        Callen, get so tired of his accidentally finding every foster kid and Russian in LA to bond with. So predictable after the first 50 or so.

        You are both right, Patricia and Robbie, other are bonding, SEAL to SEAL, like to like, Deeks bonds with what is within, character instead of circumstances!


  45. I fell in love with a different kind of character: flawed and human, but competent. This episode’s Deeks was unrecognizable. Where’s our Deeks?
    Thanks, Karen, for this open letter. I do hope the remaining episodes about Deeks will be better and if this is the way the writers want to treat my favorite character, I’d rather they didn’t write “Deeks M” anymore. I would have liked it so much in the past but maybe now it’s too late.

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  46. Nutterbutter // January 14, 2021 at 4:13 PM // Reply

    We need more Deeks that shows his competency, loyalty, his vulnerability, his detecting & uncover skills, and of curse his ability to functionally work under pressure and emotional circumstances and on top of that his humor and ability to defuse tense situation and we’ve many episodes that were able to combine that like (Fame-Human Traffic- Standoff-Delivery-Empty Quiver-Personal-Plan B –Sacrifice- The Debt- K Blye- Neighborhood watch- Free Ride-Paper Soldiers-Kill House- Descent-Ascension- The frozen lake- Allegiance -Spoils of war- Deep Trouble-Seal Hunter-Traitor-Citadel-An unlocked mind-Internal Affairs- Matryoshka1- Home Is Where the Heart Is- Crazy Train-Parallel Resistors- under siege -Payback – Unleashed- Can I Get a Witness- Liabilities-The Monster- Line in the Sand – Ninguna Salida- Pro Se –Better Angels – Fortune Favors the Brave )
    May be IMHO those episodes have the elements that shows us the real Deeks and some or most of them not even Deeks centric episodes.
    ECO is an incredible actor, and he’s so much more than just the comedy the show so many times sticks him with and his emotional scenes have been incredible and he may be asked for lighter episode and has every right to do so (I don’t blame you ECO I found ECO really great in this episode. I honestly cannot imagine anybody else playing Deeks with so much wit, love, passion and compassion) but the writers need to respect his character progress and his fans base. When you change ingredients, it doesn’t necessarily mean the new mix will work. Chemistry is something very mysterious and natural, not always easy to obtain so please don’t decrease the screen time for the main characters to give gust stars more time to play you tried that already with (Anna – Mosley) and they were and still epic fail for me.
    I will always be a huge Deeks fan, for me he is the main reason why this show has retained its popularity up to now.
    Sorry for ranting and I want to apologize in advance if I offended anyone with my rambling

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  47. I am beginning to think the writers are playing with us. We saw previews of Deeks interview
    with Martinez – “and there it is”, “ your LAPD file shows you’re not a team player”, “ I don’t know how this will play out for you Detective Deeks” – only to be surprised that she loved his passion, his honesty, his humble spirit – and was totally supportive of him – very different than the previews. In last weeks episode we did not see him on the range “ crushing it” nor did we see him finish his assignment in record breaking time. We saw him running slower than the rest and laying in the back of the car waiting while the others slowly performed a task that he finished in a few minutes because he had done it thousands of times before. I think ( I hope! ) they will show us that he has far surpassed basic training and needs to get back in the field. Hetty might be the bearer of good news but maybe not the one who made the decision on his return.
    We have to remember that Deeks is now 11 years older, married, and is realizing the responsibilities of taking on a wife, house payments, and possible a child. It is an awakening for the footloose and carefree Party Marty. We all grow up and have life slap us in the face with reality. It hit Deeks head on when he lost the LAPD job. I think the writers were just trying to show his awakening – a common device in literature showing “ pathos” – the ability to show empathy or compassion for the character. It worked well with Deeks state of mind.
    What I do find offensive is the comments from the others all along the way – “don’t blow this”, “don’t make me look like a fool, “ etc. Deeks has been around long enough for them to show him some respect – in fact, a lot of respect – and I do not see them patting him on the back acknowledging that.

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    • Without question they are toying with us. I questioned the ‘not a team player’ comment in the ‘Overdue’ spoiler. I admit it sent me into a frenzy. Then we actually saw ‘Overdue’ Well, I didn’t but it feels like I did. It showed us Vulnerable Deeks, beautifully played.

      I didn’t know what to make of the spoiler for ‘Love Kills’, We were told Deeks struggled at FLETC, but Deeks puffing, really. If we saw him struggling with something we knew he couldn’t do, like speak French, it would be more believable. Even struggling to keep up with the youngsters only to find they had ‘taken something’ would have been better.

      Then the spoiler for ‘A Fait Accompli’ tells us Deeks gets kicked out. I wonder why? I’m only glad he doesn’t appear to quit. Making Deeks a quitter would be a step too far. Like you I hope we find out that he did enough to pass before he was kicked out. I agree with your ‘awakening’ comment, but it would work better with Kensi, leaving it late to want a child, or Callen leaving it late to propose. Deeks has been growing up before our eyes, started proposing to Kensi years ago. I think life has more than slapped Deeks in the face, more a punch to the gut. and a kick up the butt. We don’t know what Hetty’s surprise is, I lust hope she hasn’t pulled strings to get Deeks to pass FLETC, that would betray the whole show, not just Deeks.

      The job of a spoiler is to get us interested enough to watch the show, and they did that very well. They do run the risk of putting us off. I keep saying I’m going stop looking at them, never going to happen. Like you, and I guess everybody else that has commented, I think it is past time Deeks is shown the respect he deserves. Sometimes, just sometimes I think it might happen.


  48. If they destroy the character of Deeks and in turn destroy densi.The show ratings will tank,and Gemmill will be the blame.As he is the head of it all.Sink or swim pass or fail its on him.I hope he chooses wisely for there are alot of Deeks fans and densi fans…

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  49. Terry McQueen // January 15, 2021 at 1:57 AM // Reply

    I am proud of you, Karen. A thought provoking advocacy on behalf of our Mr Deeks. There is loud applause from every fan of Martin Atticus Deeks, for your well-presented argument. Well done and congratulations.

    We know that it is Deeks’s shtick to play the laid-back surfer dude, but he is much, much more. He is a brilliant lawyer, great cop, undercover savant, self-sacrificing team member, ‘cheeky bugger’, and possessor of instincts akin to the Gibbs Gut.

    Callen and Hanna might be the premier partnership of Hetty’s number one team ( thank you, Mr Brennan), but demonstrate some respect for the very competent Marty Deeks. He surely has the highest I.Q. of the four investigators – Deeks passed the California Bar – and equal in intelligence to Eric Beale.

    Perhaps, Karen should also present a brail version of her Open Letter for the executive producers, scriptwriters and Mr Gemmill. They seem blind to the talents and competence of Martin Atticus Deeks.

    Liked by 1 person

  50. Karen P, thank you for your open letter to Mr. Gemmill. I could not have said it better,

    I was extremely disappointed in the portrayal of Deeks in the episode. Being able to run fast does not a good agent make. What was the point of the body slam? Where were the mats and safety gear? How does that exercise make a good agent? When they are in the field chasing bad guys I find it quite unlikely that they would come across a suspect heavily padded and have to try to flip or body slam him. I didn’t get it. And if they have classroom training, Deeks could probably teach the class better than any instructor since he’s been a part of the Office of Special Projects; part of an elite team. Give me a break!

    This man, Deeks, already has the necessary experience to be an agent since he’s been doing it for 11 years. Why did they think FLETC training was even necessary? I could understand supplemental training but that episode just made me angry with the show.

    The only reason I still watch the show is because of the character, Deeks. His humanity make the show more real. Stop portraying him as a buffoon. He’s not!

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